It’s Friday & Yeah…Well…That Was a Waste of Time

So yeah…the supposed doctors appointment turned out to be an appointment for an outpatient program for substance abuse and only if I go to the program will I receive the much-needed psychiatric care that I was promised by the hospital.  I have absolutely no clue what the hell just happened but I know I walked in there hopeful but walked out feeling defeated, worthless, feeling like a waste of space.  The woman whom I had to deal with for my ‘intake’ (I know!  Whoa there, intake???) was the most unpersonable person I have ever had to deal with, she’s definitely working in the wrong field of employment for her personality.

So yeah…there wasn’t even a psychiatrist there to prescribe my medications.  So now I’m down to four days left of medications and have no clue what to do.  I’ve been brainstorming since 1 pm and have come up with nothing except maybe the ER might give me a prescription but I think they’ll just commit me to the same hospital I just got out of last week.

I’m confused and tired.

Now I ask you, what would a 20-year-old person do if they were in my situation and felt unstable, that their mental health wasn’t okay as is and then something like this happens???  I ask this to make a point, that it’s never been just about guns, video games or movies.  It’s about no one out there helping, no one giving a crap.  It’s about feeling desperate in your situation and just needing someone to turn to.

The mental health care system in the United States needs help badly, hell almost more than I do.  Now THAT’S ironic.

10 thoughts on “It’s Friday & Yeah…Well…That Was a Waste of Time

  1. So, so frustrating, chica. I am so sorry. And yeah, that IS really ironic about the state of healthcare. *sigh* I swear, there is something in the air today. It is just the kind of day where I feel things exploding all around me, things like this coming to a critical stage of “no longer viable” and no longer able to be stuck. It’s like there is a volcano that is starting to spew and is getting ready to belch out a huge eruption because the current tectonics can no longer support stability. Something’s gonna blow.

    You know, I DO hope you can get meds, and soon. Might be an idea to try out the diet stuff at the same time.

    Okay, I will shut up now. 🙂

    Truly — best to you as you try to find solutions to this vexing problem. Good, good vibes that things will work out for the good & for your health.

    • What you are feeling is the horizontal shift the Earth did today from my anger at the woman that made me feel like shit that I haven’t gone to what she perceives as enough AA meetings. You should’ve seen her face when I said “Look hun this isn’t my first rodeo!” After an hour of her endless bulshit.

      I actually have to go grocery shopping Sunday so tomorrow I’m doing research. Tonight I’m just too tired.

      I think you and Tom are right with the combination of a good diet, the right meds and people who give a shit; I’ll be successful at feeling good. 🙂

      • “What you are feeling is the horizontal shift the Earth did today from my anger at the woman that made me feel like shit that I haven’t gone to what she perceives as enough AA meetings.”

        BWAH HAH!!!

        Okay then, good to have that question solved. 😀 I’m so glad that you have a wicked sense of humor. All is NOT lost if you still hold on to that. 😉

  2. This has got to be so frustrating for you! What do homeless people do when they need medication? There has to be something in place for people who cannot afford private psychiatric help?

  3. So wish I was a rich man and I would come and rescue you but it shouldn’t have to be neccesary 😦 but it sucks in the uk as well, have a friend with similar issues and bloody hell what a fight to get a decent treatment and medication…, aaarrrgghhhh.. But stay strong, we are here for you in the online world…

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