It’s Friday & I Think I’m on Plan K for My Life

Thank God huh? Because I think I’m on Plan K for my life at this point.  Wait…do I even have a Plan?  HA!

21 thoughts on “It’s Friday & I Think I’m on Plan K for My Life

  1. I say you keep going until you find something that works, then just say “Oh, that was my plan all along. I was just playing around with the rest of that other stuff.”

  2. I usually just number them. Then I never run out! But, for the sake of breaking the monotony, sometimes I throw a letter in. Plan 325AF15 is on today’s agenda. That involves bagels, coffee, and a bios update.

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  4. LOL!! Ditto to everything so far.

    And, as my grandmother used to quote: “The best laid schemes of mice and men // Go often awry,” but she used to use the original Scots: “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men // Gang aft agley.” So I am not real big on plans as they usually get “agley” — aka “fucked up.”

    Here is the plan: “Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.” from Richard Bach’s Illusions

    That’s the plan — keep living until you don’t. And not by “quitting early” either. That’s not the plan — that is the ANTI-plan.

    The plan is to finish today.


  5. I think it’s better to greet each day as if it’s absolutely a new experience & see what happens. I guess you have to have some overall type plan, like I want to be a doctor so I’m going to go to school for 25 years type of thing. But I like Hawaii’s attitude to life – just take it easy!

  6. That was so funny, and I am so glad you bothered to stick around and stick it out and stick out your neck, here, with some true humor, and humor us! 😉
    Maybe the real plan is that you become a comedienne?

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