Keep It Simple Saturday

Here’s my goal for today (especially the calm part since my anxiety is through the roof) wish me luck!  Enjoy your Saturday and remember, simple is best if only for one day a week.

5 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

    • Just like you, I actually have a lot I need to be doing. Like taking down this damn Christmas tree, laundry, dishes, vacuuming ect…but I’m too damn out of it to follow along the stupid list.

  1. I have always liked the idea of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) when I am trying to gain control of my life. Lots of deep breathing with a short walk is something I find very helpful. I try noticing the little things in life – the bird in the tree, the dog being walked on the other side of the street (does he look happy & what about his owner). Appreciating the little things helps to distract me from staying in my own mind too much where the stress lives.

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