It’s Friday & It’s All About the Moolah

Monster = Bipolar Disorder
Money = I have no more, now. 

Went to see the shrink today and I now have no more money.  Why because not only did she charge me for my usual appointment fee but she also decided she had to charge me for the 9 minute conversation we had on the phone last week.  Yeah, that was conversation where she decided Risperdone was what I needed that almost landed me in a psych ward.  Total cost today, not including a new prescription to yet another med that will probably cause me hell, was close to 500 hundred dollars.  Ummmm….I’m in awe about this and a little pissy.  Seriously.

Anyway, she started me on Tegretol.  Which I’ve taken before.  I had walked up in there with my old bottles of everything that I was on before I stopped taking it because I couldn’t afford medication.  Now I understand why I can’t afford medication because I have to pay the damn doctor to get the medication!  Why she won’t prescribe all 4 of the medications that worked in the past for me is totally beyond me.  “Well you seem to have a sensitive system and I don’t want to overload it.”  But I was on all of these before????

I literally paid someone 500 hundred dollars for a prescription that cost me 4 bucks.  I feel like I’m getting scammed here.

I mean seriously scammed.

It’s depressing.

It makes me anxiety ridden.

It gives me a headache.  Oh wait that might be from the Tegretol or Trazodone.  Nope I’m pretty sure it’s from my now almost empty bank account.

And doctors wonder why people with mental conditions self medicate. Sigh.

17 thoughts on “It’s Friday & It’s All About the Moolah

  1. She charged you for the damn call!?? I don’t know how some doctors can say they care about helping people when they do things like that. I’m glad you got in to see her but … damn!!

    • I’m not sure how glad I am that I got in to see her. Not only am I broke, the side effects from the Tegretol are taking the toll on me and I’ve only been taking them since last night.

      I’m going to lose my mind, I’m positive of it.

  2. *groan*

    I have very strong alternative opinions about Big Pharma, doctors, and so on. This is really hard for me to read and not want to “go off” all over the place about the state of healthcare and unscrupulous people.

    I think what she is doing is criminal. No, it would not with the way things work now, hold up in court that she has done something criminal — I’m speaking more like an offense against humanity and dignity, and in an ethical sense, an overall sense. I think it is the way the system works right now. The entire system needs fixing.

    There are many who decide to take these things into their own hands, support groups and so on who look at alternatives to medicating. I am NOT in any way going to tell you what you should do about this, but I’d look into alternatives, just to see what the options are.

    I’m so mad now I could spit. This kind of crap makes me sick at heart.

    Have courage, Bats.

  3. hey, thanks for the follow!
    i know exactly how you feel, as up until a few months ago, i was paying – my job does not offer insurance – 50 dollars per doc visit (once or twice a month) and then my prescriptions which were hundreds of dollars as well. and many times i would drop 100 bucks on a medication, take it twice, and then have to stop because of the side effects. such a waste of money.
    i feel for you. 😦
    i don’t know where you live, or what your situation is, but maybe the city or state has some assistance you might qualify for?
    take care, bats.

    • I don’t qualify for assistance unfortunately and it sucks. I don’t qualify for it by about 500 bucks, it sucks. Royally sucks.

      Thanks so much for coming over here and telling me you know how I feel and what I’m going through, it helps. Not with the side effects of the Tegretol and Trazadone but it helps, somehow.

  4. Holy wow. Charging by the minute makes your shrink sound like she was a phone sex operator in the past! This kind of thing makes me wonder who the real sick people are, those trying to get well or those taking advantage of them. Be strong, my friend. You’re in my thoughts!

  5. I understand how crazy it can be to get a Dr. to listen to you. I think that is a major issue in mental health right now – Dr.s think they know more than you do when you are the one inside yourself. You know when a med is working and when one is not. I fought a lot of Dr.s for my son when he was too young to fight for himself. Is there another Dr. in your area that you could go to?

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