Lets Discuss Mental Illness NOW

Lets discuss it and not place stigma anywhere near it any longer but lets be serious the stigma just went up 100 fold because of 12-14-2012.  So many Moms now think that if you have a mental illness of any kind, you are going to hurt their children.  I know this because I’m a Mom, who took her kids to the bus stops today.  Two different bus stops, two different types of Moms and all the same opinion.  Of course none of them know I have a serious mental illness and I definitely won’t be talking with them about it now.  And by the way the all decide to blame video games for what just happened in that school.

Wake up call people…video games DID NOT do this…untreated, no help out there, mental illness did.

Look recently I looked into getting help through my state for mental illness because I am in a crisis mode.  After looking into it and realizing all the red tape I have to go through and still won’t get help I’ve decided it’s just in my best interest to seek help by paying 425 dollars an hour, YUP you heard that right; 425 dollars an hour to get help by myself.  Talk about overwhelming.

It’s time to make a change…it’s time to start regulating doctors so payments do not have to be that high and people that are in crisis mode can get help and it’s time to deal with the bulshit red tape that we have to go through to get the much needed help.

That’s all I have…please…please…PLEASE make it possible to get help here in the USA for mental illness.

My thoughts will be with many this holiday season as they try to get though this time of the year.

24 thoughts on “Lets Discuss Mental Illness NOW

  1. Agreed! As a society we need to care more about each other. Where I live the mentally ill are allowed to roam the streets. No help is offered. Governmental budgets are tight which apparently means no one cares. I guess when they are frozen solid the problem is solved. 😦

    BTW, missed you, dammit. Good to see you! 🙂

    • It’s bulshit here in the USA when it comes to mental illness. Hey they can roam the streets and hopefully they will commit a crime and then everyone can pay for them while they rot in jail right? There’s nothing out there as in help for the mentally ill, nothing.
      And thank you Tom. 🙂

  2. Good to see you again! Absolutely right we need to address the mental health thing. We went from institutionalizing the mentally ill to throwing them out to fend for themselves. No provision for anything in between. That seems to be the way we do things in this country — no foresight, no anticipating unintended consequences. And, I predict, nothing but a quick Band-Aid when a problem develops.

    • Yeah in this country it’s either black or white, nothing is ever grey and until people start seeing the grey we’ll never get past this. Somehow with everything going on it feels great to be back. Thank you Type.

  3. I think you’re right we need to put more funding toward helping people with mental illness. We need to make it more affordable for people to get their meds & get the professional help they need. Even here in Canada, where healthcare is funded we have long waiting lists to get to see specialists & our meds are not covered unless you’re insured.

  4. Our priorities are absolutely screwed up. We’re closing down mental health facilities all across the U.S.; “lack of funding” is the stated cause, but if we don’t get over our bizarre fear of mental illness, we’ll never get those facilities back, never mind bringing care up to the level it should be. Even in this economic depression, the U.S. is one of the 10 wealthiest-per-capita countries in the world (per the IMF & World Bank); we have the money, we just prefer to spend it in the wrong places, and won’t put the effort into making major changes..

    • Worth repeating…Someone repeat that really quick to THE PRESIDENT. I’d give anything to sit down with the President and have this same conversation with him. Anything. Somebody make that happen.

  5. I’m English, through and through, not Welsh, Scottish or Irish, although by way of mental Illness , I had had the pleasure of ladies from said Countries.

    It hurts, I know the highs and the lows, and you can dictate to me, I been through the pleasure and the pain, I know what I am, just different is all. I live, I love , and I know right from wrong, I bring pleasure when I can, I love when I can, and like so many of us (badly), I try and hide the darkness.

    From what I can see, it ain’t no different here in England, as in the US. We are the final minority group. We can be discriminated against, cos mostly we try and hide our disability. Hell? We don’t even think of it as a disability, we think of it as an embarrassment, a dirty little secret. We try and emulate and fit in with “normal” people. Because our illness isn’t defined by us being in a wheelchair, or having traditional medical treatment. We are looked down upon.

    Mostly in the UK, unless like me, you have the benefit of private care, you are a slave to the NHS, which ultimately means a poor diagnoses, expensive meds, and left to fend for yourself, and thus exposed to the criminal fraternity, or the scorn of the public.

    There are some really great charities though, and organizations, that are fighting against the tide.

    God bless them.

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  7. Nice to see you back, Bats! i’ve missed you and have been thinking about you.

    Concerning this post, i couldn’t agree more that mental health care needs to be attainable for everyone of every level. $425 an hour for mental health treatment is–dare i say it?–insane.

    i hope next year sees you getting some well deserved Peace of mind and you know where to find me if there’s anything at all i can do to help, even if it’s just a shoulder to cry on or a an ear to rant into.

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