RIP Garrett Reid


I’m willing to bet that not too many of you know who Garrett is and quite honestly all I know about him is that he was the son of the coach of my favorite NFL football team, the Philadelphia Eagles.  His Dad Andy Reid humbled me with how he handled the press, how he handled his son’s death, how he’s still able to coach because “that’s what Garrett would want him to do.”

It just seems to me that addiction is so wide-spread and it touches the worlds of so many people but yet no funding is going into trying to find more help for people who suffer from this illness.  Why are we not trying to find a cure for addiction?

I wanted to do a bigger blog post for Garrett but my heart just hasn’t been in it.   I’m sick of addiction, of alcoholism.  I’m just sick of it.  He died of opiate abuse, he died alone, he died spoiled, he died and quite frankly we’ll all forget Garrett Reid.  However his Dad won’t, his Dad will always smile or cry when he thinks of his son.  His Dad will always think of his son as the greatest, he’ll always remember him not in pain.

The best thing is, Garrett’s not in pain anymore; he’s at peace.

Rest in Peace Garrett Reid.


6 thoughts on “RIP Garrett Reid

    • No medicine doesn’t but why can’t we spend a tad of money on studying the brain more? There has to be something, SOMETHING they can do for those of us that are so far effected by this disease. And disease is their word, not mine. If it’s a disease, studying the darn thing and figure something out.

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