In Which I Make A Car Salesman Shut Up Immediately

Okay this post has absolutely no value other than to show you that I have zero and I mean zero filter from my brain to my mouth.  Do I blame Bipolar Disorder for it, Alcoholism????  No, I blame my brain…simple as that.

So I have a friend who needs to buy a new car; CAN buy a new car but is intimidated by car salesmen so I agree to go because I’ve been in sales since I was 19 so they don’t intimidate me in the least.  Chevy dealership, no biggie.  Lets go look at that Sonic (Yuck) that he wants.  It’s a girly car and he’s a guy but hey…okay.  Car salesman wants us to go inside so he can find keys to the car that my friend wants to test drive.  While he does that we feel the pull to the convertible (beautiful) blue corvette.  Car salesman comes back, stands behind me while I’m looking in the car and says,

“Would you like to sit in it?”

I of course have no filter and say,

“There are many things I would like to do you while sitting inside this car.”

Oh did I mention that this car salesman was absolutely in his twenties, absolutely in business attire (which I’m a sucker for) and absolutely hot?  Yeah I need a filter for my brain, well okay my mouth because he shut up really quick and so did every other person who was standing in ear shot of us including my friend.  All I could do was blank stare my friend and say,

“Did I say that out loud?”

My friend didn’t go off that lot with a Chevy Sonic.  As a matter of fact I had an unbelievable urge to leave shortly after that.

I need a brain to mouth filter you all, where do I buy one?

11 thoughts on “In Which I Make A Car Salesman Shut Up Immediately

  1. LOL. I dunno, I’d give anything to be less intimidated by car salesmen. I think I drove my last one as long as I did (17 yrs) because I so dreaded the thought of having to deal with the sneaky, lying salesmen.

    • Oh wait I made that seem like I sell cars, I DO NOT sell cars. And look at that I so do not want to be known as a car sales man/woman, why? Because they are sneaky and unreliable. LOL!

  2. I just love you Bats! Like PT, I can’t even imagine buying a car without feeling like I’ve been reamed later. If the time ever comes when I can buy another one, I want you right there by my side! 😀

  3. Umm…I’m not seeing the problem here?
    Perhaps I have too strong a filter that blocked it out?
    Nope…still not seeing the issue…

    You and your friend should have stayed. You might have flustered the salesman into giving you a good discount!

  4. 😆 TELL ME THIS WAS A TYPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There’s going to be a nationwide swing in car sales to the East Coast, very soon!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, dear, I so wish I had a little less filter . . . or maybe not . . .
    Got tears in my eyes from laughing!!!!

  5. I’m with Guap. Right next to him. I’m invisible! No, seriously, I’m with Guap. If you had kept going along those lines, saleshunk might have given you a little discount.

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