It’s Friday & A Tad of Updates

Hug your loved ones, just hug them if you can.

I am writing to update you all about my littlest one, my brother and well okay yes that.

The last I posted about my littlest one he was in serious trouble but since he’s been on the breathing treatments, he’s been downgraded (YAY) to just bronchitis. I hate to be selfish here but I have no clue how I would afford a hospital stay for little man, and I have no clue how I am going to afford the hospital visit for him that happened for the tests but I figure the can call and hassle me for all nothing is worth.  You can not get blood from a rock. And that’s my nonsense for the next five minutes.  So he’s getting better, he even has been able to go back to school.  He absolutely ROCKS!

I just want to share that his favorite super hero is Spiderman, unlike Mom but hey I can get with the web slinging action.  Although we had a wonderful conversation tonight that sent my heart just soaring…

“Spiderman is way too cool Mom.”

“Why?”  Wanting to say..What the Hell is wrong with Bruce Wayne? but didn’t.

“It’s not about the webs Mom.  Well okay it is.”

“I get it dude, I really do now that you mention the webs.”

“No Dude you mentioned the webs.”

And yes that’s the way our conversations go.  And I smile every time.  He’s just cool and I am thankful I have him everyday of my life.  You know at one point of time in my life alcohol meant more to me than that conversation.  Yeah, I know…stupid.

Now to update you about my brother.  He’s lost his damn mind and well I’m not speaking with him currently.  Yesterday it was his birthday and  I so wanted to speak with him…you know almost dying last month and all. ~insert rolling of my eyeballs~  He went back to the great household that he was shot at.  Things are horrible and I want to go down there grab him and kick his ass but I remain calm.  And deal with his lunatic wife’s messages saying that since her dad (the man who shot my brother) is dying, I’ve gotten what I wanted.  You know because I’ve got some magic wand that says when someones time is up.  I just responded with “Please go to bed, try to get a job because tax payers are sick of supporting you.”  That didn’t help at all but hey I have anger issues about this.

So those are my updates and I wish peace upon everyone tonight.  I wish you love and kindness.

6 thoughts on “It’s Friday & A Tad of Updates

    And hell yeah, as a taxpayer with insurance, I have no problem at all kicking in for a cool kid whose mother is doing her level best for him.

    As far as your sister-in-laws family, well, at least no one gets shot from your anger issues.
    Hope your brother figures out how to make it work down there…

    • I know right? About my son. You should see him with his mustache on that he got from his tutor who just loves him. He’s like this incredibly cool person who you just never want to leave. I love him.
      And my brother will never figure it out because he’s miserable and wants to ask for help but remember he’s a coal miner and before that he was in the military so asking for help is well…a no no. I think the whole situation is a cluster fuck.

  2. That super about your son.. and aren;t those moments special? I missed many too… that was then tho right? Your brother.. I dunno.. I knw someone with the same in a total imaginary …well its hard to even try to talk realty but um hey I laughed out loud at our reply to the wife… You ROCK!!!! it was PERFECT

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