For Aurora Colorado


Made by @MidnightReviews_

This ribbon is dedicated to Aurora Colorado.  May all of the victims and family members know peace soon.  That’s all I have for right now folks.  Just so torn up about it, it’s too much of a tragedy for this world.

18 thoughts on “For Aurora Colorado

  1. I picked up the same image this morning, only on a black background. Not sure which I like better, but think I’ll put one in my sidebar for a while.

    Like Mak, I really have no words for this whole senseless tragedy.

    • That white background is the first one that came out. I don’t like the white background on my blog because it doesn’t go good with it but I’m keeping it because well it’s beautiful.
      And I know, no words really can be said right now. Well no righteous words anyway.

  2. Peace and love from Canada. I just can not wrap my head around all this madness.
    I did a piece as well but it’s tad more angry than yours.

    Love Bob

    • Hi Bob! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.
      I didn’t do that ribbon and from sources on the internet I am now unclear on who first did but it is beautiful so I am glad I shared.
      Please if you want share you anger, it’s okay here…really it is.
      Seriously thanks Bob for your comment.

      • Thanks Bats. I was just sickened to the core yesterday when I heard about the shootings. I had to get it off my chest. I am glad the authorities have him in custody and that the family’s can move on an start the grieving process.

        The whole thing is just so senseless it’s hard to get my head around what happened.

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