OhMyGawd... Just Do What I Say!



The greyness of this sky

Has overwhelmed

The atmosphere of my soul.


I will let this consume me.

I will grieve in the shadow.

I will allow this haunting.


A heaviness of weight on top of me-

But to remove it means

I will be removing a part of myself.


A deep breath in and quiet, I will not engage.

A blank stare towards the wall, be still.

Shut the world out today, refuse to listen.


No movement need be made yet-

I can pull this suffocation off later,

But not today, the mind isn’t ready.


A toxic belief, my misguided perception,

Inhaling the sweet air of my fabled cause-

Before it burns up in blinding truth.


When I choose to let the bitter sweetness go-

The path will then be made clear,

And the recurring dream will fly away,  be a memory for another.


I thrive in color, but…

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