It’s Still Friday & Very Predictable

I’m sorry that I haven’t come on and updated you all.  I realize that my last post was “I am going to see my brother who was SHOT and an oxycotin addict” well…

Have you ever had a conversation with an addict or alacoholic that made you want to slap them in the back of the head or maybe flick them in the forehead over and over?  I had that conversation.

“He shot me on accident.”  Yeah….uhhhhhh….

“I love my daughters.”  Me too.

“I love my wife.”  Whom by the way is sleeping with another man.

Look my brother used to be a man of integrity, honor, dignity, and helped teach me what a woman SHOULD be.  He didn’t do too bad of a job by the way because I am an awesome woman!

However…he seems like a beaten down dog.  My brother served in the United States Navy and then became a COAL MINER.  He deserves a level of respect he has never been given by his supposed family.  His wife is pissed off that Child Protective Services is showing up everyday…guess who made that happen?  I hate the fact that my neices are going to bed at 5am…they are 9 and 12.  Come on!  By the way they are home schooled…and I spell better than they do.

Sunday…my brother…who protected me when I needed it the most will go back to Alabama…back to where he was SHOT…back to where someone tried to end his life and apparently that’s where he belongs.

I HATE addiction.  I’ve had the most predictable week of all.

20 thoughts on “It’s Still Friday & Very Predictable

  1. Oh good grief Bats. You know I understand. But what can I say? I’m hiding away in my apartment to escape what I myself might do “out there” given half a chance…

  2. I am so sorry, Bats. This really saddens me. It must be oneof the hardest things you’ve ever had to face. I know you are disappointed and your love for your brother and your happiness that he survived have both turned to pain.
    I hate addiction, too.

  3. You care so give it all you can. Remember, though, that his addiction is no reflection on you or your worthiness as a sister. It’s not a question of anything about you. Your qualities stand on their own. Here’s hoping he figures some things out!

  4. I couldn’t bring myself to click the “like” button because I don’t like what you’ve had to go through with your brother and I’m with you on hating the addiction. As shout abyss said, it’s HIS addiction. Problem is, the ripple effect of addiction cast a wide stream. It sucks to say the least. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. I hope you find encouragement and support from your blogging family and friends.

  5. “Have you ever had a conversation with an addict or alcoholic that made you want to slap them in the back of the head or maybe flick them in the forehead over and over?”

    Oooh, yes. As you put it, Bats, it’s predictable — painfully so. My son finished his stint in the Marine Corps last December. He’s also a bipolar alcoholic, and his combat experience only exacerbated things (plus added a few more, along with a whole pharmacy’s-worth of meds that he won’t take). I see him being pulled back into that old spiral by the same old people, and the whole process is perplexing and frustrating.

    As you yourself know all too well.

  6. As we say in AA, “Carry the message, not the alcoholic”. i guess how that would apply here is that you cannot force him to change against his will, but you can remind him well and often that you are right beside him should he ever feel the need to reach out.

    Be strong, my dear friend, you are an awesome woman!

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