It’s Friday & Just to Let You Know

Alright I’m giving you all fair warning now that I’m going out of town Sunday morning and won’t be back online until Tuesday morning.  Yup, that’s right folks Bats will be completely off line.

I’m going to see my Dad and hopefully both my brothers will show up.  We all need to discuss what we need to do from here with my brother’s opiate addiction.  Sigh…I’m not looking forward to this trip and they better show.  They better damn it.


11 thoughts on “It’s Friday & Just to Let You Know

    • Thank you my lederhosen friend.

      They only great thing about me being an alcoholic is that I get to walk up in there and know what he’s going to say even before he says it; every excuse, every denial, every angry spiteful word, every LIE because I’ve said them all before.
      I’ve gots this.

    • Oh I’ve gots this. He WILL get treatment or he WILL lose a lot, it’s the nature of the beast (addiction). You know now that I think about it there’s not too much else a man can lose than his job, family, (almost) his life; my brother is fucked.

        • Ehhh I’ve come to the conclusion he’s screwed…you can’t get much lower than him. Death is the next step. And I don’t have the power to prevent that. As sad as it is… that’s reality.

  1. Wow. Thanks for the warning! If we hear fireworks, we’ll know what happened?
    Seriously, I hope and pray you have a safe and worthwhile journey. Take care of our Bats. And love to your Dad and brothers from us. ❤

  2. He should be happy to have someone like you who have gone through similar thing and hopefully you can get through to him. I will pray for you and yr brother…

  3. Hope you have a … what the hell am I supposed to say here? good luck? I have someone who was very close to me who is addicted.. I hope you get through to him Bats… I am rooting for you all the way… be safe.

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