11 thoughts on “Fix Comments WordPress

  1. Okay, I’d love to help but I don’t understand “WordPress makes us pick and choose how many comments we want … ” I’ve not noticed anything like that. Have you changed any settings? Are you logged into WP when you try to comment?

  2. Tell me your problem and maybe I can help fix it — says the guy whose comment is about to go into your moderation filter for hours after having commented (sanely) on your blog for years.

    It probably is, but this might not be a WP problem.

    • Gabriel, I didn’t know it annoyed anyone that I had moderation of comments enabled on my blog. I’ve played around with my setting and people who have made comments before on my blog shouldn’t go into moderation any longer. If you do, I’ll take full moderation off, if I can.

      Anyway I didn’t explain myself correctly. I was running into problems with commenting on other peoples blogs. You know where you choose how many threaded comments ( Enable threaded (nested) comments levels deep) Well I’m not sure some know that option is there so I wanted to comment on some other comments that had already been made on other blogs but couldn’t because there was no reply button.

      I think I was just in a stupid bad mood and took it out on my computer.

      • Most people don’t know they can set the reply feature number higher, personally I have mine set at four (I think), any more than that and the sentences are only two or three words long.

        The moderation thing only annoys me when I’m worried about you. The longer the comment is moderated, the more I think the Rapture has hit and I’ve been left behind. Again.

      • Ahhhhh so that is what you are talking about? Well when that happens just look for the last reply and click on that one, it will then drop your comment to the bottom of that thread 🙂 🙂

        Androgoth Xx

  3. I have not seen this problem yet
    and I hope whatever the issue is,
    that it is solved quickly 🙂

    How are you Bats 0711

    Androgoth Xx

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