My Brother is Alive

First off, my brother is alive and hungry; the man hasn’t eaten anything since Saturday so maybe they’ll allow him to eat today but we’ll see.  I talked with him yesterday and he’s very alert to what is going on, he told me the detective was coming up to give him back his wallet and it’s contents.  We were very worried about that, among other things but he needs his identification and it was important to him so it’s important to me.  We were worried that his wife may have it and if that’s the case then he’d never get it back.

Anyway, I’ve learned a few things over the past few days…

There are evil people in the world and when I say evil, I mean EVIL.  People who say they live the word and life of God and then turn around and wish death upon another human being.

There are people out there that NEED drama in their lives and drama like this is something that makes me want to explode emotionally but to them this is their dream come true.

People on Facebook even though they don’t know the facts of such a violent act will support you even if you are slandering and lying about it.  I’ve watched people put things like “KILL HER LOL” in response to my 12-year-old niece saying she wants to teach me a lesson.  And to the person who put that, yeah pretty damn laugh out loudable.

Anyway…my brother was told this will go to the grand jury and we shall she.  The good thing is the detective told him he can leave and they will contact him if they need any information and when he needs to appear for court.

And now I have one question and pardon me if this sounds stupid as hell or if it seems logical but who the hell carries a gun around in their pocket?

30 thoughts on “My Brother is Alive

  1. Oh, my Dear! I am so relieved and thank you so much for taking time from your rejoicing to keep us posted! Oh, I am SO glad you still have your brother!
    How terrifying, though, to know such people are being so hateful and threatening, threats they have shown they will carry out! Oh, I am still praying for your safety and that of your brother and anyone else who might be in their paths.
    Sounds as if someone in authority has somewhat of a handle on it, though, getting the wallet back and allowing your brother freedom . . . Be glad for the fb hate — it will be like a pit for them to fall into, eventually.
    Please let me emphasize that anyone can claim Christianity. Anyone. But only a few can claim Christ. Please, please do not group the two together. I know you can tell the difference.
    Much love to you, in Jesus’ name, and endless prayers for you all.

    • Katharine, I would NEVER, ever, ever group you with the likes of them.
      This is terrifying, troublesome, and just down right not how life should be.
      My hope is that the authorities will do the right thing when this goes to the grand jury however I do realize that it’s just my brothers’ word against a whole family clan.
      Thank you Katharine for your prayers and love.

  2. Bats, I psychos who shouldn’t have ever had access to a gun, and gang bang teenagers are the only people who would carry a gun.

    I’m glad your brother is alert and hungry. It is good that the deceives are talking to him too. How are you doing through all this?

  3. Oh man, I am so, so glad he is alive and okay. And hungry, lol. That’s great. I’m sorry he is in these circumstances now & that there will be a lot of things to get through with it, but the best news is that he is okay and recovering. I am so glad.

    Next, you are so right about these two things:

    There are evil people in the world and when I say evil, I mean EVIL.

    There are people out there that NEED drama in their lives and drama like this is something that makes me want to explode emotionally but to them this is their dream come true.

    I have been learning these things recently, too, although not in such a dramatic fashion as you! But you are right on.

    I hope that you can stay grounded and level in this time. Huge good vibes to you as you process this experience, and I’m thinking about you.

    Man, this freakin’ 2012 year sure is an interesting one!! Eye-opening.

    Celeste (fka Mrs D ;-))

  4. That’s wonderful news!! I’ve been so worried and checking every day for any updates. Being hungry is such a good sign, too! I’m keeping you and your brother in my thoughts. Take care.

  5. …who the hell carries a gun around in their pocket?

    …uhm… Americans? Not all of you, of course, but aren’t there entire clusters of States where it’s legal to walk into a bar, have twenty drinks, all while carrying a concealed unregistered 9mm they bought at an auction?

    Move to Canada, bring your brother, we’ll take care of you.

    Leave the Facebook fools to themselves. Trolls will be trolls, there’s nothing you can do, nothing you can say or write, same goes for the “god loves us all except those I hate” people.

    • You bring up an excellent point Gabriel. While Alabama is a state you need to have the firearm registered and licensed before you are allowed to conceal it and go to the bar, have 20 drinks, and if you feel your life has been threatened then you have the right to the defend yourself. Troubling to think people can do that.

      I haven’t responded in any way on Facebook, just been saving everything and gave it all to the detective which turns out to be a cyber crimes expert also so…..some of those people have dug themselves into a hole that they aren’t going to be able to talk their way out of.

  6. Oh Bats, I’m so glad to finally hear from you. And it’s also great that the news is so much better than I feared. I’ve seen so much violence in my own life that I’m afraid none of this comes as much of a surprise to me. And, other than “trust your gut and keep everyone you care about far away from people who seem comfortable with violence,” I’m afraid I don’t have much advice to give.

    Use the system, and do what you can to help it work the way it should. Above all, show those you love how you feel about them – but we should all make sure that we don’t support actions that just keep the cycle of violence going.

    My thoughts are with you Bats. And, through you, to all of those you care about. Take care… 😐

    • Mak, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are so wonderful, and thank you for sharing my post on your blog. 🙂
      While I’ve seen violence and hate in my life, I’ve never seen it to this extent so I’m pretty much at a loss for how to handle it. It just seems so strange and I feel horrible that my brother had to live for so long in such a dreadful situation. I KNEW it was bad but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that THIS would happen.

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