Thank You, My Friends

Good Morning.  I’m reading through my comments on here and on Twitter and I am absolutely thankful to each and everyone of you.  I can not tell you how much all of you mean to me, perfect strangers saved my life.  Please know that I am grateful to you all and know that I believe in love.

It will take me some time to respond to you all but I promise that I will.

59 thoughts on “Thank You, My Friends

  1. I am really glad that Ginger is such a good stalker because I’m really looking forward to reading more of your blog Bats 🙂 We are all here for you…please don’t ever forget that!

  2. Hey, it’s Easter. Spring, rebirth, new beginnings, all that stuff. Hug a bunny. (Besides, it’s my birthday, and only good things are allowed to happen today.)

  3. I’m very, very happy to hear that you received the messages sent…. and that you were able to hear them… 🙂 Yay for you! Know now that we all feel alone at times, but we must choose to remain so…. Blessed Be, sister, and welcome home….. I’m looking forward to reading more here….

    • Hi Lydia, thank you for your comment. I’ve actually been thinking about it since I read it. On one hand absolutely no, it’s never worth it. On the other hand, it was worth it because it taught me that I do matter, that I am cared about. So I guess my answer to your question is I don’t know.

  4. I’m just so glad that you got online to post this blog. 😀 You’re welcome — we need you around, Countess. You count. A lot. Don’t forget that!
    Mrs D
    aka You Know Who *wink*

  5. You did the best thing possible by reaching out with complete honesty on Friday evening. Stay connected to others in any way you can. Trust their perception until yours is restored.

    I have been at that final decision point twice. I tried to disconnect from everyone. Thank God for my own stalker angels that were out there.

    Pain is part of life and there is a certain amount of suffering that comes with those pain moments. I learned that the length one suffers is controlled by us. Allowing oneself to remain in a suffering state too long, will eventually lead to that final state that many of us find ourselves at.

    There is much to sort out and if you can reach out to a professional for that guidance, you’ll be in a much better place.

    “Don’t be afraid to be weak. And don’t be too proud to be strong”
    – Enigma

  6. Hello again, Bats –
    Just checking in to see if today was better and if all the love and prayers reached you. Looks like yes to both! 😀
    No need to answer my comments. You’re going to have your fingers full getting back to everyone for some time to come.
    Amazing our far reaching this blogging world is.
    I subscribed so I won’t lose track of you and will be keeping you in my prayers.

  7. So glad to hear you’re OK. I’m behind on reading because I had company this weekend & so only read Hobblers plea a couple minutes ago. You can gain a lot of wisdom from the people here & we all treat each other like family, so even when you feel alone – there’s someone bugging you just like a bratty sister or teasing you like an older brother. We’re all here for you! Hang in there!

  8. Now I bet you thought that I would be
    the last person you would see on your
    Space 🙂 lol

    Be good today or else? 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  9. I came to take a look after El Guapo shared his worries on you… Glad to see that you seem to be better right now, although I don’t doubt that it must have been hell. But on the other hand, it has showed how much people care though they don’t know you in real life! Hopefully things turn out all fine for you, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

  10. Hi Bats! Today is my 2.5 year anniversary of quitting drinking and I’m as happy as a twenty-something. Thanks for your help in getting me to quit during my dark days. I hope all is well with you. Best, ITSB

  11. Hey Bats, Haven’t heard from you in a while. Just wanted to check in to see how you were doing.
    All the best …Moderation (aka alcholicstruggle)

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