No Negotiation, I’m Shit Out of Luck

I received a call VERY early this morning that my job is in jeopardy.  You’ll have to pardon me for being very vague at this point about it because I’ve been instructed not to discuss it and even though I’m anonymous online, I can not take the chance that someone run by this and make it that much worst for me.

We always listen to the jobs report and when it’s bad, that’s straight forward to us and although crushing, we pretty much expect it at this point in the game with the American economy.  However when we pay attention to it and the numbers look good, or at least not horrible and they represent that we added jobs, we tend to not think that with every job added, someones was taken away.

It’s very hard to explain what my job is so I won’t try but what I will tell you is that if the company feels your job isn’t worth the amount you get paid, then there is no room for negotiation and you pretty much are shit out of luck.

I was told this morning that I probably am shit out of luck.

11 thoughts on “No Negotiation, I’m Shit Out of Luck

  1. First of all, your job is not you: you are SO much more. Second, it is a very harsh thing to suddenly lose your income stream, but it isn’t the end of the world. You can take this opportunity to evaluate what you really want to do, or at the very least, evaluate where your greatest value lies and make adjustments. With open eyes and open mind, opportunities will appear. Reach out to explore and don’t be afraid to ask for help, for in doing both, you are making your “luck” better.

  2. ohhh that’s a kick in the nuts for sure.. Or, you can look at it as a way of getting to do something new (and I don’t mean being unemployed because thats stinks) but that one is forced to find something else. Got laid off once and that was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m a lazy person and will stay at a job even if it sucks just because I can’t be asked looking for something better. And this kick in the backside made me go out into the unknown again and search and voila, am now in much better position, better wage than before and hell of a lot nicer people where I’m now so look on the bright side. Who knows what’s out there for you?

  3. It sounds like the job you’re in is very shaky and you don’t know when you might be let go. Hopefully you can find a job where this isn’t the case and you will be much more at peace. My thoughts are with you!

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