It's Friday & My Hometown Suggest Comfort and Safety

I grew up around Washington DC. The one big thing I remember about it is the feeling of comfort, safety, and awe. I know, I know, Washington DC and safety just don’t seem like they mix but I can tell you that when I was little some *cough cough* 30 years ago, I felt safe, I knew that my neighbors were looking out for me. I knew that if I had an emergency, someone was there to help. I felt FREE.

When I was around the age of 2, my Grandmother babysat me while my Dad worked; lets just say that her babysitting was basically her getting stumbling around drunk while I amused myself. One day I decided I wasn’t going to just play inside, I wanted out and to walk around, jump, skip, cross the street. I ended up down the road at a neighbors house so I could play with their dogs, cats and snakes. They knew my situation, let me play, fed me and when my Dad returned home brought me back; safely. They looked out for me, looked out for my Dad, and for that I know my Dad has always been eternally grateful; as am I.

Where I live now even in my 30’s; I don’t feel safe, I don’t trust any of my neighbors and know that everyone around me is looking out for themselves not for others. I miss the comfort, safety, and awe of my hometown of Washington DC.

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6 thoughts on “It's Friday & My Hometown Suggest Comfort and Safety

  1. You know, I feel the same. I grew up rural and still live rural. Is it the place? Is it the times? Or is it just that we did not see the hazards when we were little?
    And the pity the poor thing who grew up knowing life was unsafe, as a child, and no matter the safety in adulthood, can never shake that unsafe feeling . . .

  2. I hear ya. As a kid I ran freely around the neighborhood, which was a radius of about 10 blocks and everyone knew everyone’s kids. It was safe, day and night. As a young married adult with a child, the neighborhood was only a block or two, but everyone still knew everyone else. Now I don’t know any of my neighbors and am not sure I trust the area to be safe at night. The times they are a changin’.

  3. i grew up on Air Force bases and the sense of community was much as you describe it here. From what i’ve seen of them lately, they haven’t changed all that much!

    • Al! You know that’s what I find so strange where I live now. I obviously don’t live in DC any longer but I live in a neighborhood that has a very large military family presence and they stick to themselves, not together to themselves but just to themselves. Nobody trusts anyone else or longs to get along with one another, everyone just wants to be left alone or to stick a knife in your back which ever one is more convenient on that day.

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