Keep It Simple Saturday (Not Happening)

Quite honestly there’s nothing simple about my Saturday and quite honestly I’m suppose to be working right now so shhhhh don’t tell anyone I’m here or else I’ll get a lecture of wasting my time, not being productive and how a well oiled ship can’t run without the oil.  While I love my work, I’m overwhelmed.  I’ve no time for anything else and it’s about to blow up since my boss is leaving the country for a cruise.  I was told it was only going to be for a week but nope I found out that it’s actually two weeks and what does he do before he leaves?  He creates utter chaos, he starts new contracts, knowing that he needs to be around to complete them; only he won’t be around to complete them and well ummmm clients galore are going to be counting on me to finish (clean up) his work.  I’m tired, I need to do laundry, grocery shop, and hey I wouldn’t mind just a simple Saturday but it’s not going to happen.  I need to get back to work.  Blah.

8 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday (Not Happening)

  1. Wow, sorry kiddo. I can relate though. My boss has been in France for a month and a half, and he causes chaos LEAVING, and coming back … so i have a Bitch week next week.

    Hang in there! xoxo m

  2. I know the type. Lots of luck ever doing the same thing … (Nobody ever picked up the slack when I went on vacation. Days off just put me that far behind when I got back. I hate bosses.)

    • You know the thing of it is…I’ll never no matter how hard I try be able to perform at a level that this guy makes everyone think he does. It’s not attainable unless I work 26 hours a day.

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