When Charlie Was Funny

Found this on Twitter and I giggle every time I see.  Charlie Sheen has had his issues but he sure can make so many laugh.  Thought I’d share the laughter with you all.

Image found on @Twitter via @SoberStill

6 thoughts on “When Charlie Was Funny

  1. One of my favourite Charlie quotes is:

    “Michelle, on the list of things I expect to kill me, mercury poisoning ranks well below liver failure, struck by lightning and heart attack during sex. Guess which one I’m rooting for?”

  2. I wish I could separate professional performances from personal real-life craziness, but I can’t. Sheen’s “breakdown” or whatever it was really turned me off of him, as did Cruise’s couch jumping and pop psychology.

    • Quite honestly pictures of Charlie NOW freak me out. He’s really lost his touch physically and Tom Cruise well his whole persona well…EEK! Makes great movies though.

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