Beer Powered Hospital

I don’t know all the logistics on this but this is pretty darn ingenious!  The people whom thought this up should never have to pay taxes again.


8 thoughts on “Beer Powered Hospital

  1. It is ingenious Bats! And we need to do so much more like that. I was so disappointed when our local trash burning power plant project went bust back in the 90s (80s?). I’m amazed that more isn’t being done.

    • I’m also amazed that more isn’t being done. I mean at the pace we are going the Earth will explode before we figure out how not to litter. It’s unacceptable.

      • Nothing will change until those with the real power want it to. The only way that’s going to happen is if their focus is redirected, away from maintaining the huge gap between them and us, and towards the idea that the only way to stay rich is by providing what the world actually needs. And “We The People” – who but their crap – are the only ones who can teach them that lesson – with the only “voting machine” that really matters – the cash register!

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