Keep It Simple Saturday


A medicinal herb, or a medicine made from one: “the gatherers of simples”.
Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.
plain – easy – homely – unsophisticated – naive – artless
Okay first off I had no clue about the noun form of simple. HA!
Secondly, today I’m finishing up this book, drinking coffee, and writing. How simple is today for you?  Simply, ENJOY!

7 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. Me, workin’ on the coffee here. Also didn’t know simple was a noun. Don’t know how it escaped me all these years, but thanks! Learning that may be the most worthwhile thing I do all day.

  2. I’d never heard of the noun form either, though I have been called “Simple” a time or two. For me, my Saturday will be pretty much all sports, all day, with an occasional peek at the web. Have a good one Bats! 😀

  3. Well. If coffee will grow where you live, then it would be one of the simples in your area. Ha.
    I love how you revel in your time of rest. Wish I had that down pat like you do. I always have one more thing I could get done that nags at me until I can’t rest. Sighs.

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