Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Who’s trick-or-treating and who’s giving out the tricks and treats?  I love Halloween!  One of my favorite holidays of the year.  Enjoy everyone and please be safe, sober, and spooky.

7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. unfortunately i live in a high rise … no kids dare enter … and only a few live in the building. boohoo … but there’s a lotta crazy stuff going on in the city. Lots of FUN decorations! Maybe i’ll just dress up and run around my apartment like Sweeney Todd or something. HAVE FUN!

    • No Halloween? Who can I speak to about that?
      No, no bat. Every year I’m a die hard Eagle fan and I swear my mask is old as crud and yet people still scream. Halloween seemed too I dunno, happy in this neighborhood; this was the first year we celebrated in this neighborhood. Kind of strange and well cold and rainy.

  2. My personal FAVORITE few days of the year!I am always a sexy witch. (is there any other kind?) We have a HUGE witches ball in town and it is wild wicked fun even sober. I feed my ancestors every year on nov 1st (Latino and catholic tradition) ; the plate is out there tonight. weird plate for crazy but beloved relatives: whiskey, wine cigarettes, cigars chocolate. boy that old genetic predisposition to alcohol sure shows up on my ancestors plate. Another reminder to stay clean and sober. I love imaging them all out on the porch swing hanging out. Happy Halloween! Or Samhain depending on your take on things.

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