Keep It Simple Saturday

I’m reading this today, how about the rest of you?  How simple is your Saturday going?

Get a copy of The Mongol Objective by going to Variance Publishing.  Or just click on the book.

16 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. Don’t know much about the book … i’m going to get my head out of my crap for today though! Peace and enjoy your read!


  2. Really simple here: Got a cold. Rest and hot tea. Leftovers for lunch. Photo op for the newspaper, OUTDOORS (brrr! hope it’s not windy), at 5:00. Then back to the warmth for more rest
    The book looks intriguing. Once watched all 8 videos of “The Silk Road”. Reminded me of that, with the “army” photo on the cover. Let us know how you liked it, okay?

      • I guess that was unclear! I will be behind the camera! Good thing, as I look like a sicko and am. 🙂
        I help the local news when they just cannot cover it all. My rural town has its own page in the area’s paper and I try to keep the editor from driving clear over here, by covering this tiny town of 300 people. Just started about a month ago. It pays. Could use a sick day, though, but will just bundle up and trust the fresh air and sunshine will be good for me, since the fever stage of this is over. 🙂

          • Thanks, Bats!!! 🙂 You are too sweet to me!
            I started out to be proud, but have made a couple mistakes that have taught me, once again, that pride goeth before a fall. 🙂
            But I have learned from them, at least. 🙂
            Last night, though, I ran into many people who were so happy that our town is getting some coverage, now, and it really made me feel good to realize they saw the mistakes and still were thankful. Nice people.
            I guess I am still in the cautious stage, and hope I get better soon and learn to take this all in stride.

                • You know I’ve never been sure of why I must please the people I can not please. I don’t think it’s perfectionism, maybe the thought that I have let someone down, lets my own self down? Maybe I can’t stand the thought of someone not liking me or what I have spent so much time on? Maybe I want everyone to like everything about me? I just have never been able to pin point it down.

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