It’s Friday & Google Chrome Problems

Anyone else using Google Chrome out there?  Well I do and I normally love it but it seems they did some sort of update last night and now I keep getting the ‘An addition plug-in is required click to install” bar at the top of my screen.  I have done EVERYTHING on their help page to try to resolve this and nothing is working.  I’m waiting for them to respond to me to help me fix this but thought I would ask all of you very intelligent people if you know anything that I can do to resolve this since it’s making me dizzy watching that darn bar appear and then disappear on every website I go to.  Suggestions? Ideas? Anyone?

12 thoughts on “It’s Friday & Google Chrome Problems

  1. I installed Chrome a while back just to see if maybe Firefox played a part in my PC problems. It didn’t make much of a difference, and proved to unfamiliar to spend much time on.

    I did start it just now though, to see if I had the problem you described. It worked just fine for me… 😐

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