Amy Jade Winehouse 1983-2011

Amy Jade Winehouse 1983-2011

Amy was born.  Amy conquered. Then Amy was conquered.  So young.  For months now Mitch and Janis Winehouse have fought for everyone to believe that Amy was sober when she died, that she died not from alcohol poisoning but from withdrawal. Quite honestly Mitch and Janis had me believing it. My heart felt heavy every time I heard them speak about her and the situation.  My heart felt like it was ripping into a million pieces every time I heard Mitch say that she was great and truth be told she was always just his little girl.  We found out yesterday that this wasn’t the case; that Amy had more than 5 times the legal limit in her system to drive a car.  She died from death by ‘misadventure’.

I personally don’t care how much she had in her system, she wasn’t driving a car anyway.  I do however care that she died.  Right after ‘it’ happened; I felt enormous anger at this woman I have never even met.  She let herself be taken over by this lie, she let herself be taken away from so many people who loved her by believing in this disgusting lie.  In truth though, she didn’t let it happen, she didn’t want it to happen, she just wanted the buzz, the acceptance within herself, the cool Amy to shine through.  So the story of alcoholism goes for so many of us.

Amy was born.  Amy conquered and then Amy was conquered.

To donate to The Amy Winehouse Foundation please click on the banner below.  All proceeds go to young people who are at a disadvantage because of ill-health, disabilities and of course alcoholism and addiction.

11 thoughts on “Amy Jade Winehouse 1983-2011

  1. What i hate is the death by misadventure. Tell the truth … she got alcohol poisoning. Now the media will gossip and speculate. Why should they … her blood alcohol level was 5x the legal drinking limit.

      • As always, I was afraid that what I said might be misinterpreted – by others, not by you. It’s just that we invest so much of our lives in the happiness of others that, when it overwhelms us to the point of needing therapy, the shrinks all say “You’ve got to learn to put your own needs first.” The thing is, if the problem is bad enough to lead to a real crisis, like an attempted suicide, they reverse themselves and say “But think of all those you’d hurt.”

        I believe people are sensitive to such contradictions, and some more so than others. Many are sensitive to these types of contradictions, and see them all the time in their everyday lives. A few of those reach a point, eventually, where they can’t cope with what they see as living inside a big lie. after which they lose the ability to trust anyone – especially the fool they’ve come to believe themselves to be… 😐

  2. Hi bats! It’s been so long! Was looking through your posts to check how you’ve been and then this caught my attention. It’s all so painful isn’t it? She was breaking my heart when she was alive, but her death wasn’t easy on the heart either. Such a wonderful young woman… Sigh. Enough with the sad talk. Hope you’re doing ok! Xxx

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