Living With Bipolar Disorder

 Exactly! There’s just no getting around it; you can’t run from it and it’s always there.  Whether you like it or not, you can’t snap your fingers to make it go away; believe me I’ve tried.  You’re alive, you breathe but you don’t live.  That’s active Bipolar Disorder, just existing.

I’d sell my soul to Mitt Romney to not be Bipolar.

12 thoughts on “Living With Bipolar Disorder

  1. Don’t sell your soul to Mitt Romney, he doesn’t pay well I’ve heard, and he keeps the bottles in the fridge. You’d be horribly cold. Sorry to hear about the polarity shift. It’s difficult for me to relate, never having suffered the depression end. I’m sure it sucks mightily. But it ends, does it not? Or is it always depressing? Isn’t there a manic stage? Doesn’t it go up and down? What’s it like to be manic? Is it good? How high does it go? How low does it go? I can only imagine it, but that doesn’t give me the answers.

  2. I’m sorry that you’re suffering. I have lost large chunks of my life due to severe depression and diabetes. As the years go by it gets worse, and even on the rare good days, it’s like someone’s holding a hammer over my head. I’m waiting for it all to come crashing down again.

    People have a hard time believing there isn’t a magic pill for everything. Interestingly, I also find that when someone is depressed a lot, others tend to think they either bring it on themselves, or could simply “decide” not to be depressed. It’s a ‘blame the victim’ mentality, which only makes it worse by making the depressed person feel humiliated and ashamed of their illness.

  3. I just want to let you all know that I’m working on a new post to answer all of these wonderful comments. Thanks you all for the questions and support. It’s a huge help!

  4. Could be worse, you could be suffering through this drunk or, even worse still, with a hangover. At least you’re able to deal with it and not give up. Keep hanging in there, Bats!

  5. Sometimes I choose to believe that what I am saddled with in my human existence is something that is good for me, that there are lessons in the baggage I carry in this life from which I can learn, and which make my soul a better one. I wish I did not slip and slide into depression, I wish that I could eat bread and cheese and milk like “normal people.” I wish that I were not co-dependent, and wish I hadn’t chosen some pretty destructive relationships as a result of that. But, I am also coming to the point in my life where I can sometimes see the silver lining — that the unique combination of problems and issues I carry has an upside, too. Because I am who I am, I think I have great empathy towards others. My co-dependent nature gives me a personality that is very giving, and in certain circumstances, with boundaries, that is a beautiful thing. Overall, because my body acts the way it does when I eat wheat and dairy, I have discovered the pleasure of what I *am* able to eat, instead of focusing on what I can’t.

    While the biochemistry makes some days really hard, and like Victoria says up there, we can’t simply decide to feel differently, I do find that trying to keep my thinking in check helps me to maintain perspective and not slip down too far the vortex.

    I’m just curious: while I am sure that there are days that there seems to be no possible upside to being bipolar, if there were an upside, what do you think it could be? Do you have greater compassion towards others because of it? Something some people have expressed to me is that sometimes in the manic phase, the beauty and amazingness of the world is so very clear and apparent. That not only does a bipolar person experience the low lows which suck, but the high highs can be pretty incredible, too.

    I do think that while I can’t always fight the biochemistry and come out winning, any effort I make to try to keep thoughts of gratitude in my mind help stop me from becoming flooded in a deluge of negative thinking. It’s not being “Pollyanna-ish” but simply trying to keep a toe-hold on the side of the cliff I could easily slide down if I allow gravity to pull me there.

  6. You obviously got it going on! I admire your intense honesty and your humor. I worked in DC for too long in “the business of getting them elected” (I was drunk the entire time; getting sober got me out of DC. One more thing for the old gratitude list…) and I can confirm: Romney pays for shit. I worked on the left but Hacks all know the $$ low down. Try selling to Bill Gates. Just a thought; two cents from an old pro… I love your blog.

  7. I’d trade Mitt for a used bendy straw and some twine. I’d give my left testicle not to be bipolar. Or my right one, I don’t have a favourite. Basically, I’d like very much not to have bipolar, yet still have a ball.

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