It’s Friday & Irene

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That’s one big bitch right there.  She’s HUGE!  And around here we should start feeling her or so they have predicted sometime this afternoon.  While I know everything is going to be okay, I have to wonder how much everyone really did learn from Hurricane Katrina.  My thoughts are to use common sense; like yesterday when I heard someone on CNN say fill your bathtub up with water or fill empty containers up with tap water.  I just got back from the store and seriously no water, no milk which confuses me because when the power goes out for days at a time who the hell cares for milk?  Okay well I would for coffee but I could drink black coffee and it looks like I will because they had no milk at the store.  And I know you’re thinking how will you make coffee with no power, watch me.  HA!  Seriously though; we can drink water out of our taps.  And soup was sold out.  Damn it all.  Anyway just use common sense everyone, common sense.  Oh and if you’ve been given a mandatory get the hell out, then get the hell out.

Here’s another thing; if I hear one more news story of how this storm is going to effect Wallstreet, I’m going to lose it and well send CNN a tweet. HA!

So if you don’t see me over the weekend, I don’t have power.  Massive luck being sent to everyone on the East Coast.

16 thoughts on “It’s Friday & Irene

  1. No water, milk or soup? Well, I guess the cable news scare factory has done it’s job. And just think, hurricane season goes on through November!

    But I do hope everything turns out okay for you and all the other people anywhere near the path of that crazy bitch. And took help you enter the fray with your sense of humor full intact, here’s a look at another “big one” and some advice on how to deal with it: 😀

  2. Wow. It saddens me to think of you in danger. Hope you don’t mind I will be praying for your safety. Do wish you could come stay with me, but it would be a 2 or 3 day drive, without crazy traffic. Still, you would be welcome. Lotsa coffee, here, and milk. 🙂
    Do fill your tub. When it is bad, the pumps for the water towers go out because they are electric.
    Email me if you need a place to be. Or your dad needs a place. Or . . . whatever.

      • Actually, more of a worry wort.
        But I have grown to like very many things about you and would love to help if I could. We were in Mississippi during Katrina, and it just makes a person realize things . . .
        Be safe.

        • We are fine. However many on the East Coast could use your prayers right now. I can not imagine what a person realizes after living through the destruction of Katrina. I can imagine some of it might be nightmarish.

          • We were north of the worst of it, but we faced the refugees. No gasoline. No phone service. I took my kids out for pizza and the whole resaurant was filled with people from New Orleans, etc., watching the TV and crying, etc. Occasionally someone would exclaim, “That’s my house!” or “Oh, no!” It was sort of hard to enjoy our own safety. We learned a new awareness of others.
            Churches opened up to people needing overnight accomodations and found themselves hosting dogs and cats. Which fought each other. Inside the church building. Sighs. But it was the right thing to do. We all made food and took it to our respective churches, and eventually, the churches rotated, giving breakfast at one, and lunch at another.
            I think what I realized was that lovely goodness that sometimes comes out of the bad.
            I hope I never forget it.

  3. Keep yourself safe, babe! i’ll be thinking about you and crossing everything i can.

    PS The new theme is great! Now, if i could only find the pictures of you that you must have hidden around here somewhere…

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