Earthquake…What Earthquake?

I’m feeling a bit ripped off.  Apparently there was an earthquake and it was felt all up and down the east coast, I’m talking from Georgia right on up the coast to Maine.  Everyone around here was and still is talking about it,

What did you think of the earthquake?

Well I think I was glued to CNN when it happened because I’ve been glued to the news for 3 days now because of Libya and when the big banner of BREAKING NEWS came up on the screen and they announced that it happened in Virginia, my mouth dropped open and then they started talking about how wide-spread it was felt.  I didn’t feel it and neither did my dog but literally neighbors felt it.  So I’ve come to the conclusion that either they are on some pretty powerful green glowing mushrooms or I am and don’t remember taking them; in which case I’m feeling a bit ripped off about that also.

My Dad said it best and keep in mind he lives about a half hour to forty-five minutes from the epicenter of The Great East Coast Quake of 2011,

If that ride was a 5.9, I want my money back.

To which my brother replied not to mock God and that this is a sign we all need to prepare for his resurrection.  Uh well that’s a whole other post.

20 thoughts on “Earthquake…What Earthquake?

  1. Uhm, living in So. California and always on alert for “the big one,” please don’t joke about this. Easter before last there was a 7.0 quake not far from the border (in Baja, Mexico) and it seemed like our house shook forever. I was terrified. We had aftershocks for days. P.S. I love your blog!

  2. I agree with Kate.
    The more you talk about your dad, the more I like him. Have you ever done a post just about him, so we could meet him, sort of? You know, there are lots of good things about a person that would inspire others . . .

    • I’ve written about but I’ve never done huge post just for him, I don’t think. I’ll have to take a look at what I have done and come up with something. He’s a great man, always has been my hero and always will be.

  3. The most interesting thing that came out of all this to me was the scientists saying that a 5.9 on the east coast is like a more powerful quake on the west coast. Something about the rock being “older and colder” in the east. Now being one of the “older and colder” variety myself, you’d think that I’d be more sensitive to these sorts of things, but I didn’t feel a damned thing – even though the commentators for the Cleveland Indians game I was watching were going on and on about how weird it all was…

    Your Dad’s comment was just perfect Bats. As for this all being part of “God’s plan,” I’ve got a few conspiracy theories of my own for you to try on… 😀

    • LOL! Oh I can imagine your theories.
      I had also heard and I think I heard this right that it was felt so far from the epicenter because it was only a mile under the ground. I could be wrong though, it wouldn’t be a first time I was trying to listen to too many things at once.

  4. LOL. Great commentary from your dad. He’d never make it on CNN though. His is definitely not the company line on this “big one.”

    BTW, we had a “big” quake in southern Colorado the same day. Supposedly felt all the way north to Denver. Yeah? Really? Apparently not all the way to north Denver.

  5. …I almost hate to tell you that we felt it here (near Ottawa), apparently it also made parts of Quebec and New Brunswick vibrate as well. We get a few low-number earthquakes every year here, so feeling the vibrations isn’t unusual. I know you’ll be glad to know our socialist government has already started handing out cheques to replace our damaged lawn furniture.

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