Holy Deleted Bats!

Somehow I’ve managed to delete all of my extras and widgets, which means all of the links for websites and blogs I enjoy and are helpful information is gone, gone, gone.  Now I’ve got to figure out what goes where and all of the link addresses.  I can not believe I did this. Ugh. Sigh. Blah. I need coffee, lots of coffee.

27 thoughts on “Holy Deleted Bats!

  1. If you look in the Widgets part of your set up
    then they should still be in there Bats so take
    a look and see…

    Have a wicked rest of day and be good…

    Androgoth Xx

  2. Oh Bats, I so hope that your widgets are still there as Androgoth suggests. One of the fortunate benefits of working with a crappy PC that could freeze up at any second is that I’ve gotten into the habit of doing all my work in a separate text editor where I can frequently save my work by pressing Ctrl+S. The mass of text (HTML) files I’ve accumulated over time is a bit unwieldy to work with, but it’s all there on my hard drive. Good luck. I hope you get everything back the way you want it!

      • Amazingly enough, my entire I Want Ice Water folder structure (including subs, full WP blog backups, etc.) takes up only 35.8 MB of HD space. As for slowing my PC down, I don’t see how it could. It’s not like the system has to constantly access the info. If storage space used was that kind of problem, the 83 GB I’m using out of the 750 GB available would have me crawling! I have heard that having lots of files can stretch out a PC’s boot time, but I think having lots of programs loading on start-up is more likely to cause trouble there.

        • See I figured if I saved all of my blog to my pc it would make it snail. But what your saying makes sense to me, I wonder what I have loading on start up. Hmmm

          • One thing I’m not sure I made clear: The majority of the files I’ve saved are in the .txt format, created by copying the HTML code from my posts, pages and widgets. These are usually much smaller than formats used by actual word processors. The problem is that saving this way doesn’t back up the tags, categories, etc. associated with a post. There is another way to save a post, which I discovered accidentally when I pressed Ctrl+S (habit!) in WP’s editor instead of clicking on “Save Draft” or “Publish.” I’ve haven’t played with this to see how big the files are, and I definitely don’t know how to restore a post that was saved that way!

  3. 1. If you go into “Links > All Links” are your links still there?
    2. Are the full compliment of widgets still available?
    3. If so, what happens when you put the Links widget into your sidebar and select the “All Links” option?

      • Anything I can ever do to help out. If you’re still missing any text widgets, try opening up the ones in the holding area. Sometimes the code sticks around.

        Something else you might want to do — and this applies to anyone with a WordPress.com account — is to download / backup your blog to your hard drive. It’s really easy, and it takes about two minutes.

        In your dashboard go to:
        Tools > Export > press Export > save to a file folder on your hard drive.

        You can then import the file into another blog or, if you lose a months worth of posts, you can import those posts back into your blog.

        It doesn’t save photos, or anything in the sidebar, but at least you’ll never lose any work again.

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