It’s Friday & ‘Plain and Simple’

I came to a conclusion yesterday well a couple of them.  One would be; I hate some people on Facebook, they don’t understand opinion and swear that they are right no matter what and when you sock it to them, they get pissed and get you TOSsed.  Facebook does not investigate before they act on violations of TOS so I’ve now been TOSsed twice this year.  Hopefully this time it won’t take 3 months to get my account back up and running.

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My second conclusion and I’ve been thinking about this one all week, this is what I got TOSsed for btw.  THIS IS MY OPINION and I’m fine with anyone disagreeing with me because it is only an opinion so please keep that in mind before you press my Contact Bats link and send some message that makes you look like an idiot.  Can you tell I’m feeling spunky?  Anyway, a story surfaced that Corey Haim and Feldman were victims of pedophilia when first getting started in the acting industry.  Old news, right?  Well some think this is the reason that Corey Haim unfortunately died.  I disagree fully, don’t complicate his addiction and death.  Corey Haim died because he was an addict, plain and simple.  Those two words are where people are disagreeing with me at, plain and simple; well three words really.  IN MY OPINION, picking out and putting on a condom is more complicated than his death.  He didn’t die because he was a victim, he died because he used to an extreme.  He was an addict, he died because of that.

The same goes for me, my alcoholism and addictions aren’t complicated.  I like alcohol a hell of a lot, I’m an alcoholic.  If I drink, I’ll die.   Plain and simple.  I’m an addict;  I like various drugs, valium being one of them.  If I take it, I’ll die.  Plain and simple.

22 thoughts on “It’s Friday & ‘Plain and Simple’

  1. I think you may agree with my opinion which is that it Is okay (even good) to have an opinion as long as you don’t put down the opinions of others.

    • That’s one of the things that gets under my skin, when I’m told I know nothing about addiction. I don’t flaunt that I’m an alcoholic or addict, I certainly don’t feel the need to shout it out on Facebook. But to be TOSsed for a difference of opinion is difficult for me to understand.

      • Good thing I checked back Bats, as I didn’t get a notification for either of your responses. I almost never go on Facebook anymore, though I haven’t gone so far as to delete my account. The primary reason why I don’t, beyond the obvious ones involving security, is that it started to seem to much like being back in grade school – and who wants to attempt a meaningful conversation in front of a zillion kids who want something dramatic to happen so bad that they’ll cause it if they have to?

        • that it started to seem to much like being back in grade school – and who wants to attempt a meaningful conversation in front of a zillion kids who want something dramatic to happen so bad that they’ll cause it if they have to?


  2. A former friend asked for opinions on a certain subject, via Facebook. When I offered my opinion she jumped all over me, was really aggressive about it. I wrote back that she shouldn’t ask for opinions when she’d already taken a position and felt passionate about it. To ask for an opinion then, is just setting people up. End of friendship…

  3. Sounds like those people need a lesson in cause-and-effect. As for the FB crowd, that’s one of many, many reasons why I don’t get involved there (although I do publicize my WP posts to a FB page, hoping to boost readership).

    • I stopped linking my blog to my facebook account. Just felt like I had to censor myself too much, wasn’t drawing me any real readership anyways. I think I’m done with Facebook.

  4. i agree with your opinion… the death is a result of the addiction… now the addiction may be a result of self-medicating for one reason or another….

    either way, the abuse/drama/trauma did not cause the death, the self-medication did

    *and it’s perfectly alright to have an opinion… and to share said opinion… and to defend said opinion…. we are all people with our own thoughts, experiences, and minds… we draw on what we know or have dealt with to formulate our own unique opinions… if another can’t deal with that, well then they can just go jump of the proverbial friggin bridge 🙂

    • Exactly my point. The death itself was not caused by his past, it was caused by him overdosing on whatever drug at the time was his choice. His past abuse was not what killed him but was the reason he started and I hate what happened to him but my opinion still stays the same, he died because of his drug use not because of what a reptilian asshole did to him. And again this is my opinion and I understand some think that they are two of the same but I disagree with that.

  5. What do we suppose the coroner wrote on the death certificate?
    Was it “drug overdose”? Of course. THEY have to deal with FACTS.

    I have a question about being TOSsed–does wp attach any credibility to that? They seem to be such chums . . .

    • That’s a good question on the death certificate. I know when my Grandma died my Dad tried so hard to get them to put “from alcohol abuse” on it but that just wouldn’t, I’m unclear as to why though.
      And another good question on WP, thank coffee my WP account isn’t affected by being TOSsed from Facebook because then I would lose my mind without my blog. HeeHee

  6. Many people survive tragedies of every sort without becoming addicts. i’m an alcoholic and i have no childhood horror to pin it on. Addiction is too complex to understand completely (otherwise there’d be a “cure” for it), so the best we can do is stop looking for causes and spend our energy combatting it. Thanks for the food for thought, Bats.

    • Another exactly. I wish everyday of my life that people didn’t die from drinking too much or taking too many (much) drugs but it happens and it doesn’t have anything to do with why they started in the first place, IMO. You make a great point, we don’t have to have horror in our childhood to help us along to become addicts and alcoholics.
      Cure, hmmmmmmm.

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