18 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. I’ve always loved Al. His physics stuff I don’t understand, but his takes on life in general, like this one, are intriguing. Only he could complicate the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” rule.

  2. Einstein was a complicated guy, for sure. When he was a tiny guy, he was contemplating the possibility of frozen light and what it might look like. He memorized Euclid’s geometry by age 12. He became a high school drop out and draft evader in Germany during Hitler’s days, and moved to Switzerland then, to attend college. There, he irritated the professors by ignoring class and doing his own scientific experimentation, passing tests by using the class notes of a friend. He wrote a letter to the President of the US, warning us of the definite probability of neuclear war, something our own spies had missed, not being scientific enough. With his American wealth, he smuggled great scientific minds out of Nazi Germany so they could not be killed for being smarter than Hitler. The list is endless.

    And complicated.

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