About Me Page…HELP!

Okay so I need my READERS and contributors help…

My About Me page is just sitting there and each day I look at it but can’t come up with anything to put there so here’s a chance for all of you to help me, HA!  What are some things that I should put there?  What does everyone want to know about Bats?

33 thoughts on “About Me Page…HELP!

  1. I used one of those emails that one used to send out to friends when u were bored out of your skull with questions similar to Last book read, what colour panties are u wearing etc etc and just changed it which made doing about me page quite easy…

  2. Wow Bats, what a huge question! And one that I’ve addressed very poorly for my own blog. The “If You Really Must Know” post was one of the first I did, but I found myself going back to update it too often. So I decided to add an “about” category that I could assign to any post that seemed at add relative info. Then I created my “About” page with links to every post in that category. The problem is that my blog is essentially a “life diary” where every post gives insight into who I am, which makes it really difficult to decide whether or not a given post qualifies for the “about” category.

    That approach is barely working for me and, because you write far more about yourself than even I do, I can’t see it working for you at all – not to mention the fact that I’d never recommend that anyone take on that kind of extra work. Hell, I had to add two links to my “About” page just now, after my “category” widget revealed that I’d forgotten them!

    So the long and the short of it is, while you may want to “flesh out” what you already have on your “About Me” page a little if you feel you need to, I think that you’re doing an excellent job of keeping us all updated as it is! 😀

          • I felt the same way… I guess four years ago, and almost every six months since. But I had an epiphany: the blog is mine, I can do whatever I want with it. So, when I start to feel claustrophobic, I change the theme, the header, throw some new photos in the sidebar, rearrange stuff. Or I change the topic for awhile.

            At first my Salted blog was entirely about the manic depression, but that got to be crushing, and actually worked against my recovery. So I added some funny videos, some anecdotes related to my recovery, but not specifically about the disease.

            Our blogs are only as structured as we want them to be. If you want to include other stuff, like a twice weekly photo of your feet, just include it. Change things, try a pink theme for a week, make your avatar a wide angle portrait of your cat. You won’t lose any content, and I doubt you’d lose any readers.

  3. …a photo is always nice, even if it’s something where your face is obscured or, if you really want the anonymity, some photos of the places you’ve been. I saw one About page a few years ago that had a collection of photos from their life grouped together in thumbnails, and I liked the idea so much I stole it.


    Definitely try to keep the bio under 300 words. I’ve seen some that are more than a thousand words, which is nuts. I’ve also seen some with just “leave a comment”, or “I’m me”, which don’t help us get to know them at all.

    I know some people won’t read About pages, but I’m not sure why other than blog-snobbery. Personally I’ve always used them to decide whether or not to subscribe to a blog, or even return to one.

    On mine I have a quick introduction to the blog, then something quick about me, then a little taste of the funny, and finish off with an invitation to email me or comment.

    I like what you have, but some happier stuff in there would be good. Something like “I really enjoy baking and beating the elderly”. Something about you, and not just the reasons you’re in recovery.

    And this “An Alcoholic, Bipolarized Woman named Bats” might work better as “About Bats”.

    • See I agree Gabriel (and it’s nice for you to come and give your cents, thank you!) an About page is quite important and I think that’s why I am so challenged at this point with it. This blog has turned into something so much more than I ever expected it to and I think the one important way to grab at readers to become contributors is the About page.

  4. Why not just repeat your Gravatar bio? It’s already written, and lots of folks may not see it. And/or indicate where you live (state?), approximate age, vocation or avocation, etc. Any pets?

  5. Hello, Bats!
    I agree with much of the above. People love your site because you share so intimately yourself, already, but we would have to read every post to get the overview. For instance, until the recent post about the peeping policeman, I did not realize you and I both love coffee. Perhaps you mentioned it before I signed up with you. But a list of likes, pets, hobbies, favorite vacations, etc., would personalize you for me, even more. We want to know ways we are alike or different.
    A location can be risky, but a general area, such as “Deep South”, which is where I say I live, keeps it all very anonymous still, but gives a sense of knowing you at the same time. A photo of only your eyes, or a baby photo of you, would help us feel we know you, too. Any tidbit would make me feel better introduced to you, which I would enjoy very much. 🙂

  6. So after a lot of looking around on the internet and reading your comments, plus my twitter comments…it seems a pic of yourself is very important for your About Me page and I just don’t understand why that has to be such an important attribute. I’ve written before about why pics aren’t for me and it’s not only an anonymous issue; it’s more of a confidence issue. My words are more person than any pic could ever be. Can you say “major meltdown”?

    • Bonjour. Your About Page should first make you comfortable, photo or no photo, LOL cats or no LOL cats, it’s your blog. I’ve had a bucket load of different photos on my About Page, and most of them were not of me. A few years ago I went through a floral stage… I had one last year that was a photo of an RV in a parking lot with ominous clouds. My personal favourite was a thumbnail collection of people, places and objects that are important to me.

      Regardless. Don’t over think this. Try putting up a YouTube video of your favourite joke, magic trick or song, change it every week.

      • Thanks Gabriel, I’m loving on all your ideas. I think one of the reasons this is irking me so badly is I’m not comfortable with myself at this time being so therefore I’m not comfortable with whatever I create.
        Does that make any sense, everyone?

    • I wouldn’t be bothered about not having a picture there either, I love the written word and you are doing that damn good so no worries, just relax. Your about page is a good one…

      • Thank you! I don’t know why it bothers me so darn much other than the fact that when it comes to writing and sharing myself, I have to attain perfection. Just another deep seeded weirdness in me.

    • I am one of those peeps that prefers a photograph Bats, but friendships are forged without them, and so again it is a preference and has nothing to do with anyone else regardless of what they may think… If a graphic or similar is for you then that is fine my frend…

      Androgoth Xx

    • A-a-a-a, we’re just nosy, that’s all. You do your thing. We want to see what you look like, but it’s your face, your blog, your identity, etc. You asked for suggestions. It’s all just ideas to jumpstart your new page. We will still love you, even if you are invisible.

      • See for me, I enjoy reading about people and then coming up with how I perceive them. That’s just one thing I’ve learned to enjoy about getting to know people through their thoughts and words. One day maybe my confidence will be better about myself that I can show you the physical Bats.

  7. To be honest I don’t think that you need to be adding too much to it, I mean your blogging and what you choose to add, and your replies to comments will give a good impression of whom you are and so the introduction is of no consequence unless one wishes to give a broader summary, I guess it all comes down to preference and what one feels they should add about themselves.

    How do you mean is that it?

    Well basically yes so hard lines Bats I have no further ideas 🙂 lol

    Have a great rest of day and a
    wickedly fine evening too

    (Hope that snooping policeman hasn’t
    been back taking photographs… lol) 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

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