It’s Friday & Who Has Two Years Sober?

Bats does, that’s who! Me, myself, I, Bats, has two years sober!  Yup I said it, two of them. Two years.  Two…fucking…years. 

Now that I’ve gloated and tooted my own horn, I’m gonna make this into an award show because it wouldn’t be The She Chronicles without Bats thanking some people. 

First, my Dad.  What can I say about him?  You all don’t know him but let me tell you he is the most caring, gentle, intelligent man I know. I love it when his conversation turns to

You know Bats when I was first gaining sobriety…

because I know there is valuable information coming.  My father has saved my life on numerous occasions and I always know that if I do call him up drunk off my ass, he’ll sober me right up but do it in a respectful manner.  In all honesty, he has every reason in the world to hate me but he doesn’t.  I know his love is always there for me sober or not and always will be.

My dearest friend Mak of I Want Ice Water.  You’ve been coming to this blog since the beginning.  You’ve helped me through some very hard times and hard memories.  I always know each day that there is someone out there that has felt, been through, or is feeling just like I do; you’ve helped teach me that I am absolutely without a doubt never alone in this universe.  Thank you Mak, for being here for me always and unconditionally.

Al K Hall.  What is there to say about you man?  You’re awesome, you’re hilarious, strong, caring, and a damn good bartender.  See Diary – a of a Chronicle Drinker to understand why I say that about him.  You’ve taught me how to have a good laugh when I really need it.  Can you also thank Miss D for me because without her, I have a feeling you wouldn’t be here today?

You know who I have great respect for?  A strong, competent, caring and compassionate woman.  TimeThief, you’ve taught me to care about who I am and to not be afraid to want something good for myself.  You’ve supported me through sobriety, life and even technical difficulties with The She Chronicles and you’ve done it with respect and caring words.  Thank you for loving me.

I could sit here for days, thank people and not even cover a quarter of those that have helped get me to this goal.  2 Years, you’ll have to pardon me because I really am totally in awe of making it here.  Recently I went to a meeting.  Now if you’ve read any portion of my blog you know I don’t endorse AA but I do think it is the best place on Earth to stay sober for an hour to an hour and half.  I did the meeting as I always have done.  When I went to walk out, a man came up to me and said,

 That’s not going to work.  You have to work this to recover.

  Bats being the curious and inquisitive type responds, 

What’s you talking about Willis? 

No his name was not Willis but I so wanted to say that at some point in time in my life and thought that was a great time for it.  He didn’t mind either, btw. 

You’re never going to recover or gain confidence if you just come in, sit down, and do NOTHING.

 I thanked him for his intelligence and walked out.  I am here to say that I have always thought and always will think that to gain and keep sobriety you have to stay vigilant.  That you keep your sobriety by living life 24 hours at a time; sometimes even living life in 10 second increments.  However, you recover by motion.  You recover by doing something, by actions.  Motion creates emotion and that my friends is the key to my recovery.

34 thoughts on “It’s Friday & Who Has Two Years Sober?

  1. Wow, this is pretty amazing and I applaud you, Bats. I feel like it can be done, sobriety. I’m two months sober, so knowing you conquered two years is inspiring. So thank you.

    • Two months is absolutely amazing!!! You rock! I couldn’t have done this without YOU, Red. Trust me if I can do this, you can. I’m always here for you if you need anything.

    • Thank you Buddhist, I really appreciate you stopping in and commenting. 2 years is great and I’m glad to hear you have pride also! Please stop back in anytime.

  2. Hi Bats. Happy second anniversary / birthday for your soul. Your strength of will and character are obvious. The path you’ve blazed in your recovery will be used as inspiration to those starting their own.

    “You recover by doing something, by actions. Motion creates emotion and that my friends is the key to my recovery.”

    Most definitely.

  3. Congrats Bats!

    i’ll post a longer comment later but ironically enough i’m on my smart phone in the subway on my way to my Saturday morning AA Meeting). Monday will be 6 months sober for me and so you must be 4 times more stoked than me and i’m pretty fucking stoked!

    Yay Bats!!!!!

  4. Miss D (aka “Miss K” in the “real world” and is the one who saw you post to Twitter and came to check things out from there, lol — sometimes this multiple-personality thing is silly! It took me a while to decide exactly how to log in here under Miss D…) has come by to give you hearty congratulations, and is so proud to read that two years is under your belt, slowly achieved, one day at a time. 🙂 Yay you! I like stories like this — stories of human strength. It’s like reading about people who have climbed Mt Everest or swam in the Amazon or overcome cancer… Inspiring stuff like that. 🙂

    Thank you for giving my man a shout-out, too. I was sooooo ambivalent about the Diary of a Chronicle Drinker blog from it’s get-go — two years ago is when he started that blog. But it has turned out to be a great place for Al to transition from a chronic drinker to a recovering alcoholic. And to read that it brings you something is really important for me to know. It helps me understand the overall importance of Al’s having a place like that to write and work things out. I’m also thankful that I was where I was when I was, heh! I’m glad that Al is here to tell his tales, and make people laugh and think and then laugh some more.

    Keep on doing the good work, fighter. I’m proud of you.

    • Thank you so much Miss D. for stopping by. I’m glad my story inspires because in the end of it all that’s what this blog is about and I only hope I can inspire someone to search out help, reach out for help, or stay sober for one minute while here. Yes Al’s blog has been a huge help for me. I know of days where throwing the towel in would’ve been great but then going there reading and laughing my butt off at some comment of his or picture I saw helped get me through, it’s been a huge help for me, HUGE, I tell ya.
      The fact of the matter is alcoholism can kill you but with the help of wonderful people like yourself and AL, I’m alive so I owe you tremendous thank yous.

  5. Hey Bats. Congrats. I’m bipolar, too, and just learned a few days ago that there is quite a connection between alcohol and bipolar disorder. While I am a moderate drinker, this really makes me think. Anyways, I’m happy for you and you have a great blog!

    • Thank you David. There is an enormous connection behind alcoholism/addiction and mental health. ENORMOUS! I’m hoping soon we’ll stop hiding behind both and be more open about it. Thanks for the comment and your site is looking good.

  6. Two years sober?!?! I’m so happy for you Bats! And as much as I appreciate the recognition, I think it’s you that I should be thanking for the support. You’ve followed my crazy ravings all this time and never once gave me the old “What’s you talking about Willis?” line. I can think of no one more deserving of success, and I’m so sorry I’ve let my own issues delay me from saying so! 😀

    • I just spit coffee all over my screen “what’s you talking about Willis?” I haven’t given you that line because for some reason you make sense.
      Don’t worry about the delay, I figured with the shuttle launch you were working on something big for I Want Ice Water, so no biggy. and Thanks!

      • You know me so well Bats! I’d been gather stuff for a while in preparation for the final launch, but I managed to accumulate so much stuff that I just couldn’t figure a way to pull it all together. And then, like a house of cards. everything crashed when my old “issues” (see my last post) came back to bite me. But I did run across a very nice video posted by Metousiosis that does a great job of saying what would have taken me a LOT of words to say, so I’ll probably just put that one up instead.

        Again, congratulations Bats. You deserve all the best! 😀

  7. Hi again,

    i wanted to pop in when i was on a REAL computer and thank you again for your shout out. A little like Izaak, though, i’m not quite sure i deserve it, but i appreciate it all the same. You’re an incredible person and a model for all us fledgling teetotalers.

    Keep up the good works!

  8. I just love and have the deepest respect for you being able to do it. Am still a smoker and drink now and then but not sure if I could manage to quit… I bow down to you in humblest appreciation. One day at time I guess but so longing to read you post in 3 years time and see a similar blog post celebrating.. Big kisses.

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