Happy Another Drinking Holiday

Nothing better than another holiday to find a reason to slam down some alcoholic drinks, eh?  Of course I’m only so negative about this because I’m sober and don’t want to be.  Around here the holiday actually started Friday night this year and there have been many alcoholic drinks slammed down plus the added benefit of fireworks non-stop by those drinking the slammed down alcoholic drinks.  By 2:30am every morning, I’ve wanted to slam different objects down their drunk ass throats.  But I guess it’s all in good fun for them so I’m being patient and know it’s going to be over with in oh 18 and then some hours.  But I really came here to say:

13 thoughts on “Happy Another Drinking Holiday

  1. I know what you mean about those idiots with their fireworks. I really thought about getting some and setting them off for my dear neighbors at 6 am.

    The times of our greatest growth are when we do something good for ourselves when we really, really don’t want to. I admire you. Keep on keepin’ on, girl.

  2. I feel ya Bats! The idiots here started with the fireworks a couple of weeks ago (at least), and the local Red, White & Boom thing was Friday night! I love Independence Day for what it means. I think the way most people celebrate it is pretty disgusting. 😐

  3. I understand, I live on a reservation and they’ve been going off all night last night and picking back up this morning. And also how my neighbors are going to get piss drunk… I’m barricading inside tonight, thinking of weird stories of how I’d make my apartment soundproof…

    • Do share Red! How would you make it sound proof? Since the festivities were cancelled last night due to severe weather I get to celebrate the 4th all over again, on the 5th. This holiday will never end. I’m in that movie, aren’t I? Ground Hog Day.

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  5. any national holiday is mainly an option to get pissed. I like the idea of just heading to the park and enjoying the day but can gladly skip the drinking and the fireworks…

    • EXACTLY! Maybe I’m just being impatient and touchy lately but jeesh alcohol is absolutely everywhere right now. Fireworks, alcohol, cars and people do not mix safely.

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