It’s Friday & Invites Out The WaZoo

Okay so I’m pretty sure when I was 21 I didn’t get nearly as many invites for drinks as I am now.  I sware people can not get together around here without alcohol being involved.  So I have to attend (and when I say I have to, I mean it because otherwise I’m going to start a war I don’t feel like participating in) “Drinks on the Driveway” and various other drinks at the pool.  Are you kidding me?  I mean come on!  And yes the get together really is called “Drinks on the Driveway”.

Freaking out!

6 thoughts on “It’s Friday & Invites Out The WaZoo

  1. I don’t accept invitations that revolve around alcohol. I tell people that I don’t drink, and I don’t attend events where the main activity is drinking. People have been fine with that so far, no wars ensuing.

    • A most lives that’s the way it is unfortunately I’m living in the 10th circle of hell neighborhood. I feel stronger right now and it’s not a big deal to me to watch a bunch of bs people get drunk and have a hangover the next day while I mow my lawn at 8 am.

    • It gets better I have to bring food. I have no clue what to bring a bunch of drunk ppl on a driveway. I think 3 ppl are already bring salsa. I’m gonna go with nuts I think. HA!

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