RIP to Jeff Conaway 1950-2011

I’m sorry to say the world has to say goodbye to another fabulous person because of addiction related illnesses.  I’m speaking of Jeff Conaway.  Now mind you he didn’t overdose or committ suicide although rumor has it he had tried to kill himself 21 different times and actually joked that he obviously just wasn’t good at it.  No he wasn’t but he was great at destroying himself, almost as if he was perfect at that.

I have to admitt I didn’t start to follow his addiction story until he admitted himself into Celebrity Rehab back in January of 2008.  For some reason his story struck me in my heart, the pain he was allowing himself to live through, the horror of each day having to deal with his own self.  Okay so he reminded me of myself when I’m not sober.  Relapse after relapse.  Pill after pill.  Alcohol after alcohol.  Isolation.  Anger.  Hatred. 

On May 10th, 2011 Jeff Conaway arrived at the Encino Medical Center unconsious and suffering from pneumonia and sepsis brought on by too many years of abusing prescription painkillers and alcohol, his body just couldn’t take it anymore.  On May the 26th he was taken off of life support because of showing no signs of brain activity and yesterday the 27th he was pronouced dead with his sisters right by his side.  My heart goes out to everyone that Jeff Conaway has touched in his life, right now must be an overwhelming time for his family; on one respect they will miss him, the world will miss him but on the other hand, he finally knows peace, quiet, and no pain. 

Rest In Peace Jeff Conaway, you now know the quietness you needed.  You are loved and will be missed incredibly.

Damn, I hate addiction.

2 thoughts on “RIP to Jeff Conaway 1950-2011

  1. “I’ve seen the bottle and the damage done / A little part of it in everyone. / But every addict’s like a setting sun.”

    (With my apologies to Neil Young for the misquote.)

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