Happy Hallmark Holiday, Mother

A long time ago I read a blog post on a myspace site that pretty much said that mothers day was the day we all should thank our mothers for life, they are all deserving of a pat on the back atleast one day of the year.  Well this is my mothers day tribute this year to my mother.

Not all mothers are created equal. 

Some mothers have the heart to have a child and instead of providing a crib for her baby to sleep in, she places a blanket in a dresser drawer and places her baby in there to sleep so that way when the baby cries, the drawer can be closed.

Some mothers don’t brush your hair or teach you the fine intricate pattern of placing a pony tail in your hair and when the daughter complains because other mothers do it, she pulls out the curling iron and curls your hair so tight that it burns your scalp.

Some mothers don’t think their children deserve to have their jackets zipped by their mothers.  So when she sees you have a problem with the zipper, she yells and zips the jacket up so that the zipper gets caught on your chin, then yells at you while she upzips it enough to pull the skin off and yells at you while you stand there bleeding.

Some mothers don’t keep the gifts or crafts a child spends time on a school.  No, some mothers throw them away in front of you right after you give them to her without even smiling.

Some mothers don’t want their daughters to claim more attention from anyone other than her so she gets drunk, pops her pills and then runs to the nearest drawer for a butcher knife to kill off the attention seeking child or the person whom thinks the child deserves attention or love.

Some mothers forbid their daughters to play sports or play outside with others.  That would require watching the child or giving them attention because of any jobs well done.

Some mothers think that because they lie non stop so does the attention seeking child.  When the child just wants danger to stay away and tries to solve the dangerous problem by telling her parents, the mother makes sure everyone knows this child is a liar and is not capable of the truth.  So when the child admits to being molested or raped then the mother says to others, “She lies, that’s what she does.” and says to the daughter, “You will go to hell for lying and pulling this shit.”  She then makes sure the lying child is placed somewhere locked up as punishment for all the lies and deceit the daughter is capable of.

Some mothers don’t believe a daughter should drive a car, that would mean the daughter could then escape the torture or strain.

Some mothers see to it that their daughter knows no love, compassion, happiness, confidence, self respect, self love, or a smile on her face when she looks in the mirror.

No, not all mothers are equal.

17 thoughts on “Happy Hallmark Holiday, Mother

  1. I felt sad for you as I read your post. There’s nothing like maudlin Mother’s Day hoopla to put memories like yours in your face.

    It is amazing and wonderful that you survived intact and made it into recovery. I hope you and your kids have a ton of fun today.

  2. Wow, very intense. It’s an heartfelt reminder to look behind the curtain of all the show of this day.

    This post has made me admire you more for being able to keep your shit together as well as you do after all this and it also makes me appreciate my mom all that much more. What else can you ask for on a Mother’s Day?

    • I’m glad you are able to appreciate your mom. I don’t know how well I’ve held my shit together through out my life. I mean I’ve had a hell of a lot of horrible drunk times but yes atleast I can thank her for teaching me how to take care of myself.

    • Unfortunately she could care less about what I write, it’s always been that way. I could be a writer that’s #1 on the bestsellers list and she’d tear it apart.

  3. You are near the top on my writers’ list. Your candor gives a good dose of sobriety to us all. Wish I could go back in time with you and give you hugs and pats during the worst times. Wish I could do anything at all except acknowledge your writing.
    Thanks for the “like” and the comment on my blog.

    With much respect.

      • You know, I just think some mom somewhere ought to hang something of yours on the fridge, just to show off what a good job you did. And this is good work, so up it goes, this very afternoon. In fact, I shall wait until school is out and declare it something that came through the front door today. And I know those who read it will be impressed. And I will be proud I “know” you. 🙂 There is a smile for you.

        • Katharine,
          I have read this comment over and over again trying so hard to comment up with the perfect response. I have started and erased, started and erased, ect…a comment so many times since I first read this and all I can come up with is…Thank you, I so am touched by your words and thoughts.

          Can you tell I’m not very good with compliments? I just have never figured out how to respond to compliments.

          • Well, I can imagine the trouble you may have had, because I think we all have moments (are they hallmark moments? –Hah.) when we don’t know exactly what to say. We all do.

            “Thank you,” when heartfelt, is really all anyone ever can say. And sometimes, any more words are just the ripples in the water of a flailing fish or something. Anyway, I can feel your heart, and the idea was to bless you and I can tell that happened. That pleases me.

            And you are welcome!

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