It’s Friday & Feeling Like a Flapjack

I’m never really excited about fridays, well atleast not now.  I mean hell I don’t drink so there went that whole idea, I’m always at a loss on what’s so exciting about fridays.  I’m sure there is something out there that I just don’t see.

Anyway, I’m having a moral dispute in my mind and not to beat this subject to death (no pun intended) but with more and more information becoming available about what happened in the compound where osama bin laden was found and killed, how can I celebrate, feel okay about what went down?  I mean Holy Bats! there were children in there!!!  It was obviously a bloody experience, and if it’s effected me in this way and I wasn’t even there?  I mean shit, there were kids in there!!! Let me say it again,THERE WERE KIDS IN THERE!!!  I know kids grow up differently in the middle east but their dad was shot in the head and carried out of there and now they are in the hands of the Pakistan government.  I can not imagine the fright that went and still is going through those kids minds and hearts.  And here I sit; safe and sound on my blog talking about it, celebrating their dad’s death.

I should be ashamed of myself.

6 thoughts on “It’s Friday & Feeling Like a Flapjack

  1. It was a succesful assassination carried out under Presidential order in a covert CIA and Navy SEALS operation — plain and simple. This is not to say that I am not relived to hear that man is gone. It’s simply to state the truth without any sugar coating.

  2. It’s one of life’s grey areas. i think we have to learn to make distinctions and eulogize the death of one of history’s most deeply evil men while at the same time regret some of the aspects of the operation that made this possible.

    • I’m not very good with death even if it’s a man more sinister than manson, koresh, or daumer. Believe me when I say I’m glad geronimo was taken out but I just keep wondering about the children, where are they to go? who the hell is going to want to adopt them? because they were born of obl they will never live a safe, calm, pleasurable life. They most likely will never know love which in turn will probably make them into what obl was but that’s just an opinion of mine.

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