The Day The United States of America Cheered

Seriously, how sweet is that? 

On September 11th, 2001, The United States of America gasped, watched, screamed and cried together.  Hell, the world did.  On May 1st 2011, almost 10 years after the treachery this morbid asshole did to the US, we celebrate, we sing, we smile, and once again cry together.  The world stopped turning for a period of time as we all were shocked as President Barack Obama said these words:

I can honestly say, I never in my wildest dreams believed this day of reckoning would happen. But today we stand with our heads up, our chests out proud and say thank you to all the men, women, parents, grandparents, children, sisters, brothers, to ALL who have faithfully stuck to their mission and took this BASTARD out.  Thank you. 

I would like to add a few words to Al Qaeda;

Dear Al Qaeda,



And to close, The National Anthem of The United States of America!

8 thoughts on “The Day The United States of America Cheered

  1. I am relieved to hear this terrorists leader is dead but I don’t celebrate anyone’s death. It’s creepy to do that and I’m hoping the euphoria settles down very quickly. If it doesn’t and the American people are filled false sense of security due to this celebration of death of a war criminal sans a trial, then that will render them vulnerable to even more terrorist attacks. I certainly hope the fear filled and ill-educated islamaphobes in America shut up as their unsubstantiated verbal attacks on all Muslims are dangerous and can lead to a very bad place.

    • I’ve read some horrible comments on the internet in the past few days, a lot about this but some even more horrid about the tornado victims in Alabama. I have thought about speaking about this topic on the internet but the fact of the matter is, my blog doesn’t get any way near the amount of readers so unfortunately I can say anything and most won’t even know. I do understand what you say when you are referring to “can lead to a very bad place.” I don’t even want to go there.
      Thank you for your wise wisdom as always TT.

  2. It’s sad i’m glad he’s dead but i am. To say i don’t feel relief, joy and pride would be a lie to myself and a betrayal to those i cried for that day almost 10 years ago.

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