It’s Friday & America Mourns

The link I am providing to CNN is from yesterday.  Unfortunately as we mourn, we also celebrate a beautiful wedding of epic proportions.  Strange how we mourn in epic proportions as over seas we see smiles, hats, dresses, kisses, and hear words that we have waited for patiently.  We celebrate in epic style here in the US for countries and people who aren’t ours but we also cry heart-broken for our own. 

Alabama was hit in what I believe could only be described as excruciatingly painful, almost as if their legs were cut off without morphine.  It’s a disaster area that reminds me of New Orleans, only we learned from New Orleans so help has come quicker, physically at least.  The emotional pain will be there forever for the people whom live in Alabama.  I watched all night long of coverage of the aftermath, “the valley of destruction”, hell; thinking about the panic and tears of the people, children especially.  It’s destroyed; lives, hopes, dreams, houses, stores, water, lighting, personal things, toys, cars.  Everything is gone, destroyed. 

Is there hope at this point in Alabama?  I imagine they need to get over the shock and awe of what has happened first then try to piece their lives, hearts, souls, and hopes back together.

Dearest Alabama,

I love you. I hope for you until you can again. I cry for you. This is a hurdle I can not imagine but you will come back stronger, your hopes and dreams will be bigger because you will know you can do anything because you can do this.


As I know so many of you are going to want to help, the best place I have found for information is at CNN Impact Your World. It’s honest help, they don’t give out links to places that use your money for unknown reasons.

From CNN:

Tuscaloosa, Alabama (CNN) — Storms of near-epic proportions cut wide swaths of destruction across the South, killing at least 272 people in six states, ravaging whole neighborhoods and crippling towns. The vast majority of fatalities occurred in Alabama, where 184 people perished, said Yasamie August, Alabama Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman. A breakdown provided by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s office showed that violent weather claimed … Read More

via Anderson Cooper 360

4 thoughts on “It’s Friday & America Mourns

    • I know. Sigh. Earlier I heard that an arial view showed that mile wide tornado traveled all the way across Alabama, 200 miles. It’s bad, so bad. Sigh.

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