My Patience is Out of Control, Ten Fold


My patience is running very thin with my neighbors. Look when you purchase a piece of land that is protected by the state government,and I know I just said the evil G word but it is what it is; then there are laws, rules, regulations and conveyances that are associated with that piece of land. One law is, don’t cut any trees down. They are there for a purpose, not only natural beauty but also for oxygen, and the trees that grow in a wetland help filter the water to make natural clean water. There are also plants and animals in a wetland that help filter the water. If you spray chemicals such as; weed be gone or insecticide then you are breaking down the wetlands so they can no longer do the job that they are intended to do not to mention it is washing through my backyard into a lake. Also lets face it wetlands are WET land so to plant sod or grass seed into it well uh not a good idea, pretty much a waste of money which I keep telling my neighbors that they are fighting a losing battle and I ask what was the purpose of you buying a protected part of Mother Earth? My purpose was so the developer wouldn’t just wipe out the natural beauty to place houses on top of houses which we are pretty much at anyway, as you can tell by my impatience with my neighbors, we are already living on top of each other. Anyway, what am I getting at?

Last night my neighbors come to me and say:

“Bats, we have to do something about the WATER” (and I am coming to the part that will explain why I capitalized water)

and I say, “Ummmm okay what are you getting at?”

“Well the soil is too WET and it can take no more WATER into it. So, it’s washing away peoples lawns.”

Here comes my sarcastic side. “Hmmmmm okay so what you are saying to me is, ‘I have placed sod and grass seed and various other things in a portion of my land that I was told not to’, am I correct in what I am thinking you are coming at me with?”

“Yes, we have to come up with something or else the money I have spent is just being washed down stream literally.”

“Okay well how about you ask the state what you should do to try and maintain your portion of the WETLANDS?”

“No way! I don’t want to get into it with the state since I wasn’t suppose to plant anything without approval!”

“Well the fence you just built in the wetlands should soak up a majority of the water, just give it a month then you are into the dry season and there you go. Or how about you plant some trees like maple, plants like ferns that will soak up some but not all of the water and help maintain the natural beauty of Mother Earth?”

“Well what we were thinking of doing is going ahead and placing a pipe underground that will help pull the water to the lake.”

Again with Bats’ sarcastic side, “Uhhhh you want to place a pipe into my backyard which means you want to dig a trench in my yard (my portion of the WETLANDS) and place a man made pipe to TRY and draw water out of your portion of the WETLANDS? No.”


“Because I said so.” I couldn’t help but say that, mainly because this whole debacle is pissing my off and I feel like I’m dealing with 16 year olds at this point.

“No seriously the water is out of control.”

“Okay well I’m not sure what you are expecting me to say to this. I will not agree with this.”

“Why? We are going to need you to help get approval to do something about it.”

“Because I’m a bitch about the fact that I am NOT and I repeat to you all, I am NOT going to put anything man made into this portion of my lot. Plain and simple. We’ll have to figure something else out. Let me do some research on what we can do to naturally pull this water out of your lot and into my mine. I don’t mind the water, when it rains it produces a natural stream down to the lake and is actually quite attractive, NATURALLY.”

SO now I’m panic ridden and anxiety striken (or is that the other way around?) that they will just do it anyways because they are doing whatever they want to the WETLANDS at this point, as long as it helps them.

I don’t know how much more drama over this I can take. I’m not sleeping, eating, or otherwise able to think about much more than this drama. Well I am able to think about alcohol because what does an alcoholic do when there is a situation in their life that is making them feel? That’s right children, we drink and we drink a whole hell of a lot. I so want a fucking drink right now, right this minute!!! Sigh…

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3 thoughts on “My Patience is Out of Control, Ten Fold

  1. Tell the neighbors you’ll be more than happy to discuss the possibility possibility them when they bring you a letter of approval from the city. Until then, there’s nothing you can do, your hands are tied and it depends on them and how badly they want it.

    In other news, some people aren’t worth falling off the wagon for. Hang in there, babe.

    • I just typed out a reply and wordpress closed on me. Grrrrrrrr but the short reply is this. I’ll fight this crap, they will not put a man made pipe underground on my property which is not there to place anything man made in, it’s protected and I’ll protect it from pollution at all costs.
      As far as relapsing, that’s me the relapse queen and by now I know they aren’t worth it but I’ll look for any reason to drink, it’s the insanity of my alcoholism. Almost at 22 months and I sware it gets harder every damn day.
      Thanks Al.

  2. I’m sorry to say it Bats, but the whole subject is a bit outside of my experience. It does sound like you have the law on your side, which should prevent them from forcing this on you. I say ignore them until they actually do something you have to act on, and, most definitely, DON’T allow them to steal your hard-earned sobriety!

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