Tornado Ripped Right Past Me

There were 62 reported tornados that touched down yesterday here.  I’m in awe of Mother Nature once again, how she tore down so much but left so much other things untouched.  I breathe today a sigh of relief to have been untouched.  So many others are not that lucky though. 

Here’s a video of just some of the damage around here, I’m not saying this guy is the most intelligent by way of him picking up broken power caps but it shows some of the pretty well defined damage.  There were so many tornados, so damn many.  So many without homes and power today, no phone, no beds, no power to make food, but most of us still have our lives.

11 thoughts on “Tornado Ripped Right Past Me

  1. Good grief Bats, I didn’t watch any news yesterday so I missed all of this! I’m so glad you’re okay, and all my best to those trying to recover from the devastation!

  2. OMG! I avoid listening to news more than once daily. I’m sure you know why. It brings me down and I prefer not to be in contniual contact with information that distresses and depresses me. Thank goodness you are okay. My heart goes out to those who were not as fortunate as you were.

    • I hear you on the news. My Dad brought me up that you need to read the paper and watch the news especially for political information but the world is so distressing especially politically. I’m a lot like Mak though, sometimes I can not help myself.
      There is a small (VERY!) town right next to me, it’s (for lack of a better word) poor no one has ever heard of this town, it doesn’t get the big money, income is always tight for them and jeesh this town could’ve been wiped off the map. They need the condolences. It’s heart ripping to see the damage.

  3. We have no (or very few and very small) tornadoes here. But my best friend lives in Kansas and I always freak.

    Glad to see you are OK. Yes, nature has its own rules, as we found out this year as well with floods and cyclones.

  4. I am amazed by that one single red car untouched and still sitting in the air on the car lift. Who ever owns it is very lucky indeed.

    • A lot of lucky ppl around here! Myself included. My neighbors husband and two kids were literally at the spot one of the tornadoes touched down but they left 5 minutes before that.

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