Keep It Simple Saturday

Just sitting here waiting for a tornado.  Ha not everyone can say that, well I’m sure no one wants to say that.  But well that’s what I am doing.  Can’t get much more simplier than that.

I love weather, well severe weather.   I like the unknown about it but yet I don’t like the unknown of my life, make any sense?  I’m certainly a werid creature, well that explains me being a woman. HA!

Peace Out and I wish everyone a very simple Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. While it’s true that women are weird (LOL), having control issues while beings fascinated by things we can’t control is certainly not limited to them. Take me for example. I’ve been fascinated by tornadoes since I was a weather observer in the Air Force, but I also have terrifying nightmares where they’re chasing me – which has to be symbolic for how out of control I feel my life is at times! 😯

    Love ya Bats. I hope your weekend has all the chills and thrills you want – at a safe distance of course! 😀

    • Holy Bats! I had no clue that’s what you did with the Air Force Mak. While my saying that’s cool as hell, I can see the nightmares it could cause. I enjoy severe weather but I guess I enjoy it at my safe distance and I certainly learned I don’t enjoy the pain it causes other people.
      Love ya too Mak!

    • Welcome Lakia! I hope you are okay. We joke about it don’t we? And then it happens and it’s like life freezes for 50 seconds. I really hope you are okay, after seeing the destruction of down here, I didn’t know it was going to head to VA. 😦

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