Video: Gupta breaks down bipolar II disorder (via Anderson Cooper 360)

I just want to pass this link to a video of Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta discussing what Bipolar Disorder 2 really means. I’m happy to say Dr. Gupta is able to touch upon the thought of how this mental disorder has so much stigma around it and that sadly a lot of people don’t seek out help because of that stigma. I can promise you that I and the rest of the population in this world that have to experience this disorder first hand are not insane. We are regular people, who live a regular life and deal with that regular life as we can. Sometimes it’s a bit more intense but I can assure you insanity is the lesser of an evil when it comes to this. Also just a side note; Charlie Sheen isn’t insane either, he’s just trying to deal with life that’s throwing him some major curve balls right now and unfortunately isn’t dealing with it in as a graceful way as Catherine Zeta Jones. I wish all people with this disorder peace for just one day atleast.
Now then, Dr. Gupta mentioned something about a documentary on Bipolar Disorder, what’s up with that? Anyone have any ideas or know about this?

Editors note: Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper discuss Catherine Zeta-Jones mental illness. … Read More

via Anderson Cooper 360

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