Pole to Pole for Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones is one of my all time favorite women.  She’s absolutely beautiful and you gotta love a woman who can pull off the ‘welsh’ thing.  She’s dealt with a whole hell of a lot in the past year and she’s done it with grace, dignity, and love. 

This post isn’t about that part of her though, this post is about the fact that whenever Bipolar Disorder is discussed in the media, it’s discussed in a way as if you ‘catch’ this Disorder.  You will not get Bipolar Disorder if I sneeze or cough on you and I have to disagree that at this time there is no known genetic link to this mental health disorder.  I have been told by countless doctors not only dealing with my own Bipolar Disorder but also my mother’s that this disorder has been passed down from generation to generation of women in my family.  When I was diagnosed about 4 & 1/2 years ago, I went through many feelings and still do that this disorder didn’t skip my generation and I fear very much that it won’t skip my own daughters.  We were all so sure that all I was going through since I was 12 was alcoholism.  When I was 15, doctors tried their best to down play my alcoholism because I supposedly had severe depression.  My father fought to keep me off medications because of my age and because he knew how severe my alcoholism was at the time and was going to be throughout my whole life.  He knew because he was dealing with his own alcoholism.  If you look back on my whole life, it’s as plain as day that I was and still do suffer from the effects of Bipolar Disorder.

A lot of people think that women are diagnosed improperly and think we are just dealing with life, the anxiety, the panic, the manic episodes, the black abyss hole of depression you get stuck in.  I have to say that what a person deals with when Bipolar Disorder cycles is absolutely not anything like a regular persons feelings during life.  It’s painful, physically and emotionally.  My anxiety and panic are no where near the amount of pain a “regular life” gives you.

Another thing I hear countlessly is pharmacutical companies want doctors to prescribe the medications for Bipolar Disorder because of cost.  A lot people believe that psychiatrists would be obsolete if so many people wouldn’t be diagnosed with any disorders and believe that they prescribe these meds for women like myself or Catherine Zeta Jones and we don’t really need them.  I’m here to tell you right now, right this minute that without my medications (and I’m getting pretty close now to be out of them with no money in sight to refill them) I will die, there is no doubt about it.  My medications have saved my life.  Without them I can’t promise life to myself because of the emotional pain I have to go through without them there to bring balance to my brain and my life.  I can not live life without something to bring balance to the chemicals in my brain and just living life on life’s terms is impossible for me to do.

Instead of making Catherine’s personal issue into a controversy, wouldn’t it be better to the young women whom are watching that haven’t the guts yet to discuss what they are going through with doctors, to make it into a story of grace?  She should be commended for finally taking care of herself now that everyone else around her isn’t in need of her wisdom and beauty.

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