Bullying: Sticks and Stones by Alye Pollack

Remember school?  I do, most of it anyway.  Do you remember being bullied in kindergarten?  I don’t, bullying for me didn’t start until hmmmmmmmmm 4th grade.  Well sometimes in kindergarten, there’s this one kid….

My daughter was bullied in kindergarten, that one kid would steal her lunch money and let me tell you girls are even worst than that, their words can sting you like a wasp. My daughter has dealt with words like that since kindergarten and as a matter of fact she has dealt with it until we moved down here and she started in this school, this year has been great with her and she hasn’t had to deal with any type of bullying at all.  Before I go any further in this post I want to say sometimes words can hurt just as much as being pushed, slapped, and punched.  I found this video on You Tube, a girl named Alye Pollack made this video with the help of her parents.  I want to share this because when I watched it, it caught my breath.  It’s incredibly powerful, unique, sad, heart breaking and this girl deserves all of our attention when we watch it.  I introduce to you Alye Pollack, a beautiful girl who has to deal with pain and heart-break everyday of her life…

I got a call from the school last week, I go to answer thinking “oh shit, what happen?” Never thought it would be the school calling to inform me that my son had been in an incident with one of his classmates.
“Mrs. Bats, I’m calling to inform you of a situation we are handling right now. Your son has been assaulted by one of his classmates. Currently we don’t think he needs to go to the hospital or doctors but I want to warn you that it is something that we may need to do.” Uhhhhh what the hell?!? I didn’t end up having to take him anywhere but when he got home and I found out it was the same kid that’s been pushing him down in the sandbox and throwing sand in his hair and face, smoke came out of my ears, nose, mouth; okay pretty much every orifice I have on my body. I immediately set up a meeting with the school principal and teacher. Come to find out this kid is not only bullying my son but pretty much every kid, just depends on how bad his day is going. I don’t give a crud how bad his day is. If he lays another hand on my son, I will press charges on him for assault. The school is kindly sending my message along to him and his parents. I don’t care if he is 5 or 50 years old, don’t touch my son at all.

I have zero solutions to bullying, I have zero solutions to how many bad days kids are allowed before it escalates into major violence. I wish I did but I don’t.

6 thoughts on “Bullying: Sticks and Stones by Alye Pollack

  1. I’m sorry to hear of this. Seems bullying is now a problem just about everywhere – in the western world anyway.

    I have a solution – bring back punishment. I have zero tolerance for bullying.

    I’m not suggesting we bring back corporal punishment, but make the bully weed the gardens every hour for a week, wash windows, sweep the yard.

    • Thanks Team.
      Unfortunately there is a fine line in what a school can do to the bully, meaning the school has to show first that they have tried to help the bully. Can you believe that crap? “help” the bully. I’ll be more than happy to help the bully with a smack in the back of the head.

  2. That is very sad. School should be a place where, at a minimum, you can learn and, on a good day, have a little fun. Bullying kills chances for both. My son was bullied for 2 years by a girl until he snapped and kicked her ass. The school took his side (Yeaman is a little different than the US in this respect). Miss D’s son was bullied by another kid, her son snapped and punched the kid and her son had charges pressed against him. The bully got off scot free.

    i say press charges now and avoid the rush.

    Sending good vibes your way, babe.

    • You hit the nail on the head there Al when you said school should be a place where kids can go to learn and have some fun. And of course the bully gets the ride because in the policy for how to handle bullying it’s geared toward ‘helping the bully to realize what they are doing isn’t right and to get them the help they need to get past their impulsive behaviors. Ummmmmm my policy is much more simple, you lay a hand on my child again, then I’m gonna bully you. This kid is way out of control and if they don’t put a stop to it now then when he’s in the 5th grade or higher he’s going be a major danger to other kids. Kids shouldn’t be scared to go to school to get what is their right and privledge which is an education.

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