The Economic Cost of Losing Bats

The Economic Cost of Losing Bats.

Yes, we must save the Bats!!!!  Came across this while surfing and am just in a silly mood but seriously Save The Bats.


11 thoughts on “The Economic Cost of Losing Bats

    • Hey Androgoth! It’s nice to read ya over here.
      Believe it or not, my favorite kind. They’ve gotten such a bad rap over the years, who knows why. One of my favorite exhibits at the DC Zoo is their vampire bat. He’s hanging upside down and never moves, trust me I’ve watched and watched and watched. I think they are absolutely beautiful. 🙂

      • They only come out at night, but just be
        careful whenever you hear any tapping
        at your window… lol It’s okay it will be
        just the leaves, unless you know different
        of course? Just kidding… lol


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