Ever Have A Recurring Dream?

 Have I ever had a recurring dream? Hmmmmm as a matter of fact I’ve had a few. Most recent one is me in the oval office smoking up with President Obama out of a (oh this one’s good) hydrogen bong. “Boy this hits so smoooooooottttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhh” he says to me then asks me one thing I would like for him to achieve during his Presidency. I of course say “legalize pot” and he nods and responds with “working on it but everyone is too split on the topic to approve it. I’ll let them know how important it is to you.” Hell yeah! I’m some sort of important player in the government!

Another favorite of mine is myself as a journalist in Cuba, I get kidnapped by Darth Vader but Vin Diesel saves me. I return to the US and have dinner with Jason Bourne. Oh that one’s fucking hilarious!

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