Saint Patricks Day Freak Out of 2011

Well what a fabulous holiday for a drunk. Oh certainly used to celebrate but I celebrated this year with a good ole losing my damn mind. I think I invented new cuss words last night. I have somehow stategically pissed off everyone around me and I feel like the only people in my life that have a reason to be pissy with me are my children; smarts and funny okay maybe occassionally the trashman because sometimes I put the trashcan out at an angle not thinking that he’ll have to actually get out of the truck to fix it for the arm to lift it to empty it but other than that I should be good to go with those around me.

I tell ya there is nothing better an alcoholic woman trying to celebrate a holiday that means something other than how many drinks you can pound in an hour when all she has wanted for two weeks is to see how many drinks she can pound before she believes she is Batwoman and believes she can fly off the roof.

Stupid damn holiday…okay…carry on.

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8 thoughts on “Saint Patricks Day Freak Out of 2011

    • You know Mak, I couldn’t do it without the support you and everyone else who reads The She Chronicles has given me over all of this time. Thank you, you are much appreciated in my world. 🙂

  1. I managed to stay sober. I did eat a lot of cabbage though. And then my kids bitched about me cooking the corn beef too. Ungrateful! You’ll eat your culture and like it! Okay, I’m not really Irish (that I can tell). According to the adoption papers, I’m supposed to be mostly Scottish. But, being an American, I’m like… what’s the difference? Screw it, I’ll eat the corn beef. I actually like the stuff. Unfortunately, it doesn’t like me nearly as much. And frankly, I would much rather have downed a bottle of Scotch to celebrate. But I’m trying to be good and give my brain a chance to survive.

    • Awesome Dood. I normally eat corn beef but not this year, no money for it. I think I am more broke now than when I did drink, what’s up with that? Anyway, how can they not like corn beef? It’s yum but yes it doesn’t quite agree with me either but that could probably I eat too much at one time. A lot of luck in the corn beef. Yum.
      Good job Dood, I bet you are much more happier than if you would’ve drank and felt like your head was going to explode the next day.

  2. At AA last night we were laughing about the number of Irish AAers whose sobriety date was the day after St Patricks.

    Better to lose your mind than be drunk out of it, right? Today is a pain in both cases but tomorrow and they day after are shitloads easier with the former than the latter.

    Hang in there, Batbabe.

    • Was your meeting packed? Anytime I’ve been to a meeting on St Pattys and New Year holidays, there would be so many ppl that half would have to stand.

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