A Little Diddy on How and Why I Became Bats

 I’m sure all who read my blog are aware that Bats isn’t my real name 😉 but I don’t think I have ever posted why or how I chose Bats, quite honestly it’s just a screen name but online that’s who I am. There is a small story associated with why I had to come up with a pen name for my online participation.

About 9 years ago I started to seek out and gain sobriety, which by the way I’ve achieved that goal for a total of about 6 years of those 9. I needed help to get started and back then I knew absolutely nothing about how to find anything online so I went to the only place I knew and that was an AOL alcoholism message board. I first started reading and then quickly realized I had a ton to add to all the discussions so started to respond with my real first name. Shortly there after a woman whom just didn’t quash with me well started to attack me personally, you’d be surprised at how sensitive an alcoholic woman can be when all she is trying to do is reach out for help to save her life and of course what do I do? Respond, which I discovered was the stupidest reaction I could have had.

Little did I know that she was a nut case and somehow found out what my address was. Imagine my shock when a social worker showed up at my apartment with the county police. Finding out it was her who reported me for child abuse was quite unsettling. So I learned my leason and decided I needed a pen name, go figure right? And it was quite simple I looked around my apartment for an idea, my daughters stuffed animal bats seemed like it could solve my problems; I don’t know why but it just felt right. I started posting under the name of Bats0711 (7 11, well I like to gamble, ok?) And now many years later I am still known as Bats online, and I haven’t had any problems with loony birds like that one woman.

I mean lets face it, a woman alcoholic isn’t the best mother and boy do I get hate mail! The only difference is that I KNOW I’m not a bad mother and I’ve done the research on alcoholism, not only research of the facts of alcoholism but also the personal experiences and feelings of it. So…

My name is Bats and I am an alcoholic.

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6 thoughts on “A Little Diddy on How and Why I Became Bats

  1. Too bad there isn’t a “Love” button for these kind of posts.

    Thanks so much for the peek behind the curtain. Personally, i, Al K Hall, never understood the desire for pen names but… 😛

    Actually, i’ve been using my pen name since i started my blog (a year and a half ago, about) and i did it because i wanted to be free to post what i wanted to without fear of repercussion…like that total whackjob lady that called social services on you! Jesus, it takes all kinds…

    While i never have been the perfect father, i’m of the school that believes the perfect parent has never been invented and that we all do the best we can. We’re all in this together and in parenting, trying your hardest counts for one hell of a lot.

    • I’m waiting patiently for a ‘love’ and ‘hate’ button, sadly I don’t think it’ll happen.
      After that lady, I was like “hell no I don’t want to share shit on the internet”. But slowly I trusted the fact that some people are just deranged and you need to use caution with trolls and idiots.
      Ya, I mean I don’t get a damn manual with being a parent, my most of the time I am doing the best that I can. There are many parents out there that aren’t trying at all and I the one who does, ends up being a loony’s fun package.

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